11 Most Popular Blonde Ales to Try

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Blonde ales are a type of beer that are light in color, low in bitterness, and often have a slightly sweet taste. They are a great choice for those who are looking for a refreshing and easy-to-drink beer that isn’t too heavy. Blonde ales are also a good option for those who are new to craft beer and want to try something that is approachable and not too overwhelming.

If you’re someone who enjoys a crisp and clean beer, then blonde ales might be right up your alley. They’re perfect for sipping on a hot summer day or for pairing with a variety of foods. Whether you’re grilling up some burgers or enjoying a light salad, a blonde ale can be a great accompaniment. And with so many different breweries and styles to choose from, there’s sure to be a blonde ale out there that suits your taste preferences.

Firestone Walker – 805


805 is a California blonde ale produced by the Firestone Walker Brewing Company. A malted grain mash, in addition to hops, brings a complex but light flavor to the beer, making it an excellent option for enjoying wherever, whenever. For an understated example of a blonde ale with only four ingredients, try the refreshing Firestone Walker 805. 

Nola Brewing – Blonde Ale


Nola Brewing Blonde Ale utilizes a five-malt mix and two types of hops to bring intricate flavor notes to this beer. Though the beer is mild, the taste blends bitterness and a tad of sweetness to create this fine example of blonde ales. The New Orlean-based brewery brews this beer year-round, so enjoy Nola Brewing’s Blonde Ale any time. 

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Deep Ellum – Dallas Blonde

Deep Ellum - Dallas Blonde

Bright yellow in color, Deep Ellum’s Dallas Blonde uses floral hops to create a bright citrus flavor in this blonde ale. The scent of this beer is very appealing, with flowery citrus paired with pear. Dallas Blonde delivers on taste, too, with notes of orange peel creating a crisp and light beer perfect for sipping.

Kona – Big Wave

Kona - Big Wave

Kona is a Hawaiian brand creating its Big Wave Golden Ale with two types of hops for a perfectly smooth beer. A lower abv ensures the easy drinkability of this blonde ale. Bright flavor and a light body make Big Wave the perfect beverage to pair with seafood and salad. You don’t have to travel to Hawaii for this great beer. It’s available on the mainland too!

Bissell Brothers – Baby Genius


Bissell Brothers Baby Genius hopes to evoke the feeling of summer in Maine in each sip of their blonde ale. Three varieties of hops and four grains, most of them grown locally in the state, create a sweet yet bitter ale that’s easy to drink. As a bonus, Bissel Brothers donates 5% of the proceeds of this beverage to the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital. 

Madtree Brewing – Sol Drifter


An American blonde ale, Madtree Brewing Sol Drift is perfect for lovers of fruity beers. While citruses are the most apparent flavors, the ale also has strawberry notes. The strawberry flavors add a hint of tartness, making a refreshing finish to this beer. Light and bright, Sol Drifter makes a great addition to any gathering.

Victory Brewing – Summer Love


Another blonde ale inspired by the best of summer, Victory Brewing Summer Love, is a refreshing beer with an intriguing aroma. A combination of citrus and earthy flavors, you’ll notice notes of pine and lemon in this ale. Made with two types of malt grain and two hop varieties, Summer Love has everything you want out of a blonde ale. 

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Ocean Lab Brewing – Blood Orange Blonde


Ocean Lab Brewing Blood Orange Blonde, or BOB for short, sells this craft beer only in Puerto Rico, so you might have to plan a vacation to try this beer. Ocean Lab adds a layer of bittersweetness to its ale with a blood orange infusion. Though it varies by batch, Blonde Orange Blond has a higher than average alcohol content, sometimes reaching up to 6%. 

Treehouse Brewing – Eureka


A super fresh and effervescent brew, Treehouse Brewing Eureka starts strong with a delicately sweet-smelling aroma that invites you to take a sip. Unlike other blonde ales, Eureka uses only one type of hop with a combination of malted grains to make this beer. The result is a refreshing blonde ale that goes down easy. 

Allagash – Sixteen Counties

Allagash - Sixteen Counties

Another blonde ale produced in Maine, Allagash Sixteen Counties, directly references the different counties of Maine. All of the grains included in the mash are also from the state. The resulting beer showcases honey, citrus, and toasted grain flavors. Sixteen Counties also has a higher alcohol content than other ales, measuring at 6.5%.

Green Flash Brewing – GFB Blonde Ale


Green Flash Brewing Blonde Ale shares many qualities with other beers on this list, but the combination makes it unique. Sniff this beer to get a whiff of the pleasant honey-orange aroma. Malt grains mellow out the brew, giving it a clean finish to this lightly golden ale.

Please drink responsibly, be fully accountable with your alcohol consumption, and show others respect.

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