18 Must-Try Bourbons Under $100

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When it comes to bourbon, finding a bottle that delivers top-notch quality without breaking the bank is always a win. That’s where the world of bourbon under 100 comes in. These are the bottles that offer a fantastic balance of rich flavors, smooth finishes, and overall excellent craftsmanship, all at a price point that won’t leave your wallet feeling too light. With their approachable price tags and impressive flavor profiles, these bourbons are perfect for casual sipping, sharing with friends, or even using in your favorite cocktail recipes.

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Knob Creek 12 Year Bourbon

The Knob Creek 12 Year Bourbon

Prepare for a bold and full-bodied taste with this 12-year-old bourbon, boasting flavors of toasted oak, caramel, and a touch of nuttiness. Its long aging process imparts depth and richness, making it ideal for sipping neat or with a splash of water to unlock its full potential. Knob Creek’s distinctive balance of sweetness and spice sets it apart, making it a top choice for bourbon enthusiasts seeking a robust yet approachable whiskey.

Four Roses Small Batch Select

The Four Roses Small Batch Select

Embark on a flavor journey with this bourbon, showcasing a medley of fruity, floral, and spicy notes. Hints of ripe red berries, honey, and gentle spices dance on the palate, creating a delightful symphony of taste. Versatile and expressive, it shines in classic bourbon cocktails or when savored neat to explore its complexity. Four Roses Small Batch Select’s unique blend of 6-7 year old bourbons makes it a standout choice for those seeking a memorable sipping experience.

Eagle Rare 10 Year Bourbon

The Eagle Rare 10 Year Bourbon

Immerse yourself in the rich and velvety taste of Eagle Rare 10 Year, featuring flavors of caramel, vanilla, and a touch of oak. This bourbon exudes elegance and smoothness, making it perfect for sipping neat or crafting a sophisticated Old Fashioned. Its extended aging period of 10 years ensures a depth of character and refinement that distinguishes it as an exceptional value in the bourbon world.

Baker’s Single Barrel Bourbon

The Baker's Single Barrel Bourbon

Delight in the warm and welcoming aroma of this bourbon, accompanied by flavors of dark fruit, nuts, and a delightful spiciness. Sipping this whiskey neat reveals its smooth and luscious character, enhanced by its single barrel nature. Baker’s stands out for its balance and depth, offering an elevated experience without the lofty price tag, making it a go-to choice for those seeking an enjoyable and accessible premium bourbon.

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Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel

Russel's reserve single barrel

A treat for the senses, this bourbon bursts with flavors of caramel, dried fruit, and subtle hints of leather and tobacco. The single-barrel approach ensures each bottle offers a unique and delightful experience. Savor it neat or in a classic Kentucky mule, and let the full-bodied richness envelop your palate. Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel’s remarkable character and depth make it a prime contender for the best bourbon under $100.

Buffalo Trace

The Buffalo Trace

Indulge in the quintessential American bourbon experience with Buffalo Trace, showcasing a delicate balance of toffee, vanilla, and gentle spice. Its approachable and versatile nature makes it perfect for enjoying neat, on the rocks, or in a luscious Mint Julep. Buffalo Trace’s enduring popularity stems from its smoothness and affordability, making it a staple in any bourbon enthusiast’s collection.

Old Forester 1920 Prohibition

The Old Forester 1920 Prohibition

Travel back in time with this bourbon, reminiscent of the Prohibition era, featuring rich flavors of dark chocolate, dried fruit, and oak. Its bold and robust profile begs to be savored neat, allowing its complexity to unfold sip by sip. Crafted to honor the brand’s defiance during Prohibition, Old Forester 1920 Prohibition stands as a testament to history and a standout choice for those seeking a memorable and nostalgic drinking experience.

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof

The Elijah Craig Barrel Proof

Brace yourself for a powerful and intense flavor experience with this barrel-proof bourbon, boasting a potent punch of caramel, oak, and baking spices. Savored with a splash of water to tame its strength, it rewards the adventurous drinker with a bold and unforgettable taste. Elijah Craig Barrel Proof’s unfiltered and unapologetic nature sets it apart, offering a distinctive and memorable sipping adventure at an accessible price.

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Wild Turkey Rare Breed

The Wild Turkey Rare Breed

Embrace the untamed spirit of this bourbon, boasting a bold and robust profile with notes of caramel, vanilla, and a hint of spice. Enjoyed neatly or in a classic Old Fashioned, it delivers a rich and rewarding sipping experience. What sets Wild Turkey Rare Breed apart is its unique combination of depth and approachability, making it a wild ride for bourbon enthusiasts seeking a flavorful adventure without breaking the bank.

Booker’s Bourbon

bookers bourbon

Unleash the power of Booker’s, an unapologetically strong bourbon with a burst of flavors ranging from toasted nuts and maple syrup to bold oak and black pepper. Savor it neat or with a splash of water to reveal its intricate layers. Booker’s Bourbon stands tall as a cask-strength champion, delivering a true powerhouse experience that exemplifies the craftsmanship of Jim Beam’s Small Batch Collection.

Henry McKenna Single Barrel 10 Year Bottled-in-Bond

The Henry McKenna Single Barrel 10 Year Bottled-in-Bond

Delight in the smooth and refined taste of this bottled-in-bond bourbon, featuring notes of toffee, dark chocolate, and a subtle smokiness. Its extended aging process for a decade ensures depth and complexity, making it ideal for sipping neat or in a classic Manhattan. Henry McKenna’s reputation for quality and value makes it a standout choice for bourbon connoisseurs seeking a premium experience at an affordable price.

Angel’s Envy

The Angel's Envy

Embrace heavenly flavors with Angel’s Envy, offering a delightful blend of rich dark fruit, vanilla, and a touch of toasted oak. Savor it neat or with a splash of water to unveil its heavenly balance. What sets Angel’s Envy apart is its unique finishing process in port wine barrels, elevating its taste to celestial heights and making it a divine addition to any bourbon collection.

Belle Meade Reserve

The Belle Meade Reserve

Step into the elegance of Belle Meade Reserve, showcasing flavors of caramel, dried fruit, and a hint of spice. This well-balanced bourbon shines when enjoyed neat, celebrating its intricate flavor profile. What sets Belle Meade Reserve apart is its heritage as a revived brand from the late 1800s, offering a taste of history and an affordable luxury for bourbon enthusiasts.

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1792 Full Proof

The 1792 Full Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Unleash the full potential of 1792 Full Proof, a high-proof bourbon featuring rich flavors of butterscotch, cinnamon, and toasted oak. Enjoy it neat or with a splash of water to tame its strength and savor its full-bodied character. 1792 Full Proof stands tall with its robust flavor profile and proof, delivering a memorable sipping experience without breaking the bank.

Frank August Small Batch Bourbon

The Frank August Small Batch Bourbon

Indulge in the craftsmanship of Frank August, offering a delightful combination of sweet caramel, toasted nuts, and gentle spices. Sip it neat or on the rocks to discover its approachable and satisfying taste. Frank August Small Batch Bourbon’s unique flavor profile and affordable price make it an inviting choice for those seeking a friendly and flavorful bourbon.

Garrison Brothers Small Batch

The Garrison Brothers Small Batch

Taste the Texan spirit with Garrison Brothers, boasting flavors of honey, brown sugar, and a touch of smoke. Ideally served neat or with a splash of water to accentuate its depth, this bourbon exudes the rugged charm of the Lone Star State. Garrison Brothers Small Batch stands apart as a bold and proudly Texan bourbon, offering a distinct and spirited taste that embodies the essence of Texas hospitality.

Still Austin Cask Strength

The Still Austin Cask Strength

Dive into the potency of Still Austin Cask Strength, a high-proof bourbon featuring bold flavors of ripe fruits, cocoa, and a hint of pepper. Savor it neat or with a drop of water to unlock its complexity and smoothness. Still Austin’s commitment to craftsmanship and locally-sourced ingredients sets it apart, delivering a powerful yet approachable bourbon that is sure to impress.

Redemption 10 Year Barrel Proof Bourbon

The Redemption 10 Year Barrel Proof Bourbon

Savor the complexity of Redemption 10 Year, featuring a harmonious blend of vanilla, dark cherries, and toasted oak. Enjoy it neat or in a classic Boulevardier to celebrate its depth. Redemption’s remarkable 10-year aging process sets it apart, delivering a premium and full-bodied bourbon at an accessible price, making it a top pick for bourbon enthusiasts seeking a rich and rewarding experience.

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