9 Best Flavored Tequilas That You Need To Try

Tequila lovers may be excited to learn about these deliciously flavored tequilas! Not every brand manufactures tequila infused with a specific taste, and not every brand does it well.

flavored tequila glass surrounded by other flavors

Flavored tequila can taste cheap and artificial, so we rounded up the nine best-flavored tequilas for you to try.

Whether you love shots, margaritas, or sipping, there is a flavored tequila that will blow your mind! Check out our nine favorites. 

Best Flavored Tequila


If you love flavored margaritas, check out these tequilas that deliver the flavor in every shot and sip. From spicy to fruity, these bottles will make you see tequila in a new light. 

Did we miss one on our list? Leave us a comment with your favorites!

Please drink responsibly, be fully accountable with your alcohol consumption, and show others respect.

Written by My Bartender

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