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Top 9 Swedish Vodka Brands

The Swedes are vodka’s founding fathers. Though the Russians are more closely associated with the beverage, Sweden contributed as much to the spirit’s development as their Cossack contemporaries.

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Sweden’s involvement may be in part because its geographic location is ideal for vodka production. The soil is rich and fertile, and distillers have ready access to pure, clean water. 

We’ve collected the best Swedish vodkas. Some names are familiar, some are more obscure, but all are worth a second sip.

Best Swedish Vodkas

In this article we discuss the best Swedish vodkas, including:


Swedish vodka uses the best ingredients and the purest methods. Now that this article has introduced you to the best Swedish vodkas, you’re ready to up your martini game. These spirits are crisp, clean, and delicious.

Let us know if we miss any, or leave us a comment with your favorite roundup product!

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