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Top 15 Blood Orange Cocktails to Drink

I love sharing the secret behind the best drinks, and blood orange cocktails top my list. Their unique, vibrant flavor sets them apart from typical citrus drinks. With a perfect balance of tart and sweet, these cocktails are a hit for anyone looking for a refreshing twist. The deep crimson color adds a stunning visual, ideal for special moments or just lifting your spirits. Trust me, you’ll want to explore our roundup of blood orange cocktail recipes.

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Blood Orange Margaritas

blood orange margarita

Indulge in the perfect blend of zesty citrus, vibrant colors, and exquisite flavors with the Best Blood Orange Margarita. This delicious drink justifiably takes its place among the best blood orange cocktails because of the way it highlights the unique qualities of blood oranges. With lime juice, blood orange juice, tequila, triple sec, and optional jalapeno simple syrup for spice, the flavor of blood oranges really shines through in this blood orange margarita. Experience the perfect union of flavors, where the distinct character of the blood orange juice truly shines, making this libation a standout among its peers.

Blood Orange Cosmopolitan

Blood orange cosmopolitan on the white table

Take a trip through elegance and sophistication with our alluring Blood Orange Cosmopolitan, a standout blood orange cocktail. This magical concoction of quality vodka and the colorful essence of blood orange juice is what makes it so alluring. The zesty fragrance of freshly squeezed lime juice gently combines with the rich, bittersweet notes of blood orange juice to create a ballet of tastes that dazzles the palette as the citrus symphony develops. With its vivid scarlet color and exquisite orange twist garnish, our Blood Orange Cosmopolitan reveals itself as a work of beauty when served in a cold martini glass.

Blood Orange Sidecar

Two glass of Blood Orange Sidecar cocktail

Taste the pinnacle of bartending skill with the Blood Orange Sidecar, a delicious blood orange drink. Enjoy the blending of elegant spirits, the bright embrace of blood orange juice, and the enticing combination of citrus notes. Raise your glass and prepare to be whisked away to a world of decadent pleasure by this remarkable beverage, which combines the charm of the blood orange juice, brandy, orange liqueur, aged rum, and lime juice.

Blood Orange Mimosas

 Blood Orange Mimosas garnish with rosemary sprigs

A beautiful fusion of dazzling freshness and vivid citrus notes characterizes the Blood Orange Mimosa’s flavor. When you take a sip, the blood oranges’ inherent sweetness and tang come through, creating a zesty and somewhat bittersweet flavor that perfectly balances the bubbliness. The unique blood orange juice taste gives the mimosa a depth of complexity, along with undertones of berry-like richness and a lovely citrus punch. The finest blood orange drink is the Blood Orange Mimosa, and it will take your brunch to the next level.

Blood Orange Mule

Blood Orange Mule Garnish with a blood orange slice and a fresh spring of mint.

Enjoy the amazing Blood Orange Mule, where the bright blood orange essence takes center stage for a delicious symphony of tastes. With each sip, you’ll be greeted by the invigorating tang of blood orange juice, complemented by the zesty notes of fresh lime juice. This drink promises to excite your taste buds with its lively and balanced flavor, whether you like a slight amount of sweetness, a touch of acidity, or a refreshing kick.

Blood Orange & Tonic

Beefeater Blood Orange cocktail garnish with Blood Orange Wheel and Sprig of Basil.

The refreshing citrus tastes and clean sharpness of a Blood Orange & Tonic come together beautifully in every sip. The blood orange juice sweetness and tanginess come through, creating a flavor that is both energizing and revitalizing. The fizziness of the tonic water complements the sweetness of the blood orange, producing a delicious harmony of tastes. Let the tangy sweetness and invigorating bitterness dance on your palate, offering a revitalizing and memorable drinking experience. Don’t forget to garnish with a blood orange slice!

Blood Orange Martini

Blood Orange Martini into a chilled martini glass and garnish with a blood orange slice.

We’d like to introduce you to the Blood Orange Martini, a cocktail with a tantalizing flavor that will leave you captivated. The smoothness of the vodka, the lovely sweetness of the triple sec, and the subtlety of the honey in this beautiful cocktail create a taste profile that is both stimulating and harmonious. When you take a sip of this drink, you’ll be enchanted by the lusciousness of the blood orange juice, which adds a tangy and bittersweet element to the martini.

Blood Orange Rum Sour

Blood Orange Rum Sour cocktail in a glass and garnish with a fresh blood orange slice.

Experience the captivating Blood Orange Rum Sour, a harmonious blend of spiced rum, tangy lemon juice, blood orange cordial, and velvety egg white. Warm and fragrant rum, tangy lemon juice, and the bittersweet flavor of blood orange come together in perfect harmony in this delectable drink. Treat yourself to a glass of this refined beverage and enjoy the way the blending of tastes creates a unique and satisfying sensation on your palate.

Blood Orange Bourbon Smash

Blood Orange Bourbon Smash topped off with crisp ginger beer.

The Blood Orange Bourbon Smash is a refreshing new take on the traditional whiskey smash with the addition of zesty blood orange juice. This intriguing drink has a blend of whiskey, blood orange juice, maple syrup, and ginger beer, all of which complement each other beautifully. This drink is perfect for every season, whether it’s a refreshing break from the heat in the summer or a warm embrace in the winter.

Blood Orange Old Fashioned

Blood Orange Old Fashioned Garnish with a slice of orange and a maraschino cherry

The Blood Orange Old Fashioned is a contemporary twist on the classic Old Fashioned drink with the addition of the tart and tangy blood orange juice. The maple syrup lends a delicate sweetness that harmonizes with the complex tastes of the bourbon, while the former provides a smooth and substantial base. The orange bitters provide a tinge of bitterness and a seductive scent that raises the level of complexity overall. Sipping on a Blood Orange Old Fashioned is a truly indulgent experience.

Blood Orange Elderflower Gin Cocktail

Blood Orange Elderflower Gin Cocktail Garnish with blood orange slices and fresh lemon thyme sprigs

The enticing tastes of the Blood Orange Elderflower Gin Cocktail will take your taste buds to new heights. Gin’s botanical essence, elderflower liqueur’s subtle sweetness, lime juice’s tanginess, ginger ale’s fizziness, and blood orange juice’s vivid citrusy overtones come together in this magnificent libation. For those looking for a light and elegant libation, this beverage delivers a pleasant blend of sweet, acidic, and citrus notes.

Blood Orange Vodka Cocktail

Blood Orange Vodka Cocktail Garnish with sliced blood orange and mint.

Get your taste buds tingling with the Best Blood Orange Vodka Cocktail, a delicious concoction made with a refreshing combination of ingredients. The bright tanginess of blood orange juice, the velvety smoothness of vodka, a dash of tangy lemon juice, a hint of floral sweetness from elderflower syrup, and a cool glitter of sparkling water are all mixed in this enticing concoction. Featuring the distinct and brilliant flavor of blood oranges in a wonderfully balanced and delicious libation, this blood orange vodka drink is undoubtedly one of the best blood orange cocktails.

Blood Orange Amaretto Sour

Blood Orange Amaretto Sour Garnishes a thin slice of blood orange and a cocktail cherry.

If you’re looking for a drink that truly highlights the distinct and lively flavor of blood oranges in a balanced combination of ingredients, look no further than the Blood Orange Amaretto Sour. Blood orange juice gives the drink its lively and acidic character, while lemon juice gives it a zesty and refreshing kick. The amaretto liqueur adds a distinct, nutty sweetness that pairs wonderfully with the citrus. Indulge in this wonderful beverage and experience the perfect balance of tastes that makes it one of the greatest blood orange cocktails.

Blood Orange Mezcal Cocktail

Blood Orange Mezcal Cocktail Garnish with a bunch of mint leaves and or a slice of blood orange.

The Best Blood Orange Mezcal Cocktail blends robust, smoky mezcal with blood orange’s vivid, acidic flavor. The blood orange juice infuses the cocktail with its tangy and citrusy profile, providing a refreshing and vibrant taste, while the mezcal brings a unique smoky essence that adds depth and complexity, creating a captivating interplay of flavors. A true masterpiece of mixology, it provides a one-of-a-kind and indelible flavor sensation.

Blood Orange Rosemary Cocktail 

Blood Orange Rosemary Cocktail garnish withSprig of fresh rosemary

Prepare to delight your taste buds with the tantalizing taste of the Blood Orange Rosemary Cocktail. The vodka’s smoothness makes it an ideal foundation for the blood orange juice, which adds a refreshingly tart twist. The drink takes on a new level of botanical refinement thanks to the rosemary simple syrup. This carefully crafted concoction showcases the perfect balance of flavors, earning its place among the elite roster of the best blood orange cocktails.

A vibrant Blood Orange Cocktail, presented in a lively, modern setting. The cocktail is served in a sleek glass, showcasing its deep red-orange hue, evoking the fresh, tangy flavor of blood oranges. It's garnished with a slice of blood orange and a sprig of thyme, adding to its visual appeal. The backdrop features a contemporary bar or lounge, with bright, ambient lighting and stylish decor, creating an upbeat and inviting atmosphere. The focus is on the bold color and refreshing taste of the Blood Orange Cocktail, making it the centerpiece of a perfect, lively gathering.

15 Blood Orange Cocktail Recipes

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Top 15 Blood Orange Cocktails to Drink
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