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Top 10 Guinness Cocktails to Try

I love mixing up Guinness cocktails, and I’ve got a great roundup for you. These drinks blend Guinness’s creamy flavor with surprising twists that keep things interesting. From adding coffee for a wake-up call to a dash of whiskey for depth, every recipe is a hit. I especially enjoy the balance these ingredients bring to Guinness’s rich taste. If you’re into trying something new or just love a good beer cocktail, you’ll find these recipes refreshing and full of flavor. I highly recommend checking out this roundup for your next drink.

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irish car bomb

Irish Car Bomb

One of the most popular Guinness cocktails is the infamous Irish Car Bomb. An Irish Car Bomb consists of just three ingredients: Irish whiskey, Irish cream, and, of course, Guinness! It seems simple, but the trick to making a perfect Irish car bomb and getting the best visual result is slowly pouring the cream on the whiskey before dropping the combined shot into the pint of beer.
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Glass of black velvet cocktail made from a combination of stout and champagne

Black Velvet Cocktail

Mixing sparkling wine or champagne in cocktails is nothing new, but people usually don't think to do it with a stout. However, a Black Velvet cocktail is just that – champagne and Guinness combined in one glass. This drink is ideal for when you're celebrating a special event but still craving the taste of a good old stout.
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guinness float

Guinness Float

This float has all the sweetness of a classic root beer float but with an adult twist, thanks to Guinness. A Guinness Float is made with scoops of vanilla ice cream atop a half-pint glass of Guinness. It's best served with chocolate sauce or whipped cream for extra decadence.
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Guinness Punch

Guinness Punch

Guinness Punch combines this popular beer with several sweet and floral ingredients like vanilla extract and ground nutmeg, which give it a lovely aroma and flavor. The mix of Guinness and condensed milk make this cocktail not too sweet but refreshing and delicious, perfect for an afternoon sip.
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Guinness Whiskey Cocktail

If you love coconut flavors in your cocktails as much as I do, you'll love the Guinness Whiskey Cocktail. It combines beer, Irish whiskey, and cream of coconut for a decadent finish. This particular recipe calls for angostura bitter and cinnamon syrup for extra warmth and sweetness, making it perfect for a holiday event.
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Black Fog Cocktail 4

Black Fog Cocktail

The Black Fog is a simple cocktail that incorporates just two elements: Guinness and raspberry liqueur. This cocktail goes swimmingly with raspberry desserts, such as a raspberry cheesecake. And, like all Guinness cocktails, you can pair it with any chocolate dessert you choose. It's a good choice for parties and events since it's easy to make!
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Guinness Bloody Mary

Guinness Bloody Mary

You might assume this unique twist on the classic Bloody Mary calls for Guinness instead of vodka. But it calls for Guinness and vodka, creating a combination of boozy and savory flavors. This cocktail also features Worcestershire sauce, horseradish, hot pepper sauce, and other classic elements to create an ideal Bloody Mary with a bit more fizz and pizzazz.
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Guinness Bourbon Blackberry cocktail s 2

Black Magic Guinness Cocktail

Black Magic is a well-loved drink, especially on St. Patrick's Day. It's a little more involved than some of the other Guinness cocktails on this list, as it incorporates bourbon for oaky notes and extra booziness, lime juice for a citrusy touch, and blackberries for a tart finish. It's not complicated, but because it takes a bit more time to make, it's popular for special events and holidays.
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Guinness Black Russian

White Russian gets its name from the dairy, but Guinness Black Russian is made with dark beer instead. The combination of vodka, Guinness, and coffee liqueur makes for a creamy, boozy beverage best enjoyed after dinner or as a nightcap.
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IMG 2772 scaled 1

Guinness and Baileys Milkshake

You can't go wrong with putting Baileys in a cocktail, and a Guinness Milkshake is no exception. A Guinness and Baileys Milkshake is ideal for warm summer days when you want something sweet but still creamy and delectable.
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A Guinness cocktail in a cozy, traditional pub setting. The cocktail is creatively crafted, combining the rich, dark stout characteristics of Guinness with complementary ingredients, such as a swirl of cream or a dash of whiskey, presented in a stout glass. The drink has the classic deep brown-black color with a creamy foam top. The background features an old-world pub ambiance with dark wooden furnishings, brass accents, and dim, warm lighting, giving a sense of comfort and timelessness.

10 Guinness Cocktail Recipes

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Discover the perfect blend of tradition and innovation with our tantalizing Guinness cocktail recipes.


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Top 10 Guinness Cocktails to Try
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