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11 Must-Try Low Calorie Vodka Cocktails

I love whipping up low calorie vodka cocktails for guests who want to sip something light yet flavorful. These drinks are perfect because they mix vodka with low-calorie mixers, cutting down on the guilt but not on taste. I’ve found that whether you prefer fruity or classic flavors, there’s a recipe in this roundup that will meet your tastes. It’s all about enjoying your drink without stressing over calories. I confidently recommend checking out this roundup for a variety of low calorie vodka recipes. They’re sure to impress without the added calorie worry.

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vodka with club soda in a glass with a lime garnish

Vodka Soda

The Vodka Soda is among the easiest low-calorie drinks on the list—all you need is vodka, club soda, and lemon juice. Not only is it elegant and refreshing, but you don't need a ton of knowledge to mix it at home. It's a great cocktail for a family BBQ, a night out at the club, or after a long day at work. It's tangy and has a smooth kick.
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sea breeze

Sea Breeze

If you're counting carbs and watching your weight, a healthy and thirst-quenching drink like the Sea Breeze will do the trick. It features grapefruit and cranberry juice with vodka, giving it a fruity tart taste while providing you with vitamin C, antioxidants, and fiber. The Sea Breeze is my favorite summer drink!
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Vokda Gimlet Cocktail in a Coupe Glass

Vodka Gimlet

Though the Gimlet usually comes with gin, for that added punch, swap the gin for vodka. Add a simple syrup and lime juice to make this tangy but well-balanced drink for any occasion. I prefer it when I host a dinner party for friends, as it doesn't take long to make. However, don't overdo it with the simple syrup, or the calories will start piling up!
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Cosmopolitan cocktail


The Cosmopolitan is a famous drink with many variations; you could go in many directions with this one. I'd recommend this recipe that combines vodka, cranberry juice, lime juice, and a bit of Cointreau. It's sweet, a little tangy, and packs in a few health benefits as well. It's my number-one choice for a bar cocktail.
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Cold cocktail with lime, tonic water, vodka and ice

Vodka Tonic

An alternative to the classic Gin and Tonic, the Vodka Tonic is a simple mix of tonic water and vodka over ice. You can also add lime as a welcomed citrusy garnish to give it a little tang. It's one of my favorite low-calorie vodka drinks that takes less than five minutes to make.
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a delicious and refreshing vodka lemonade cocktail in a highball glass

Vodka Lemonade

The Vodka Lemonade is a simple and delicious drink you can make with a few key ingredients. Grab your favorite lemonade, vodka, and lemon wedges as a garnish, and you've got the perfect low carb and low calorie cocktail for any occasion. I love to take a load off and enjoy this revitalizing drink on a warm summer day.
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Lemon Drop cocktail

Lemon Drop Martini

Looking for a refreshing drink that's not too strong or sweet, but just right everywhere it counts? Look no further than the Lemon Drop Martini, my favorite bar or nightclub drink that isn't high in calories. This elegant cocktail has vodka, lemon juice, simple syrup, and Cointreau. It's tangy and bright, and I highly recommend it for a formal event, it's sure to impress.
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greyhound cocktail


Sometimes simple and satisfying is the best way to go, and the Greyhound embodies these components perfectly. Grab your vodka of choice and mix it with some freshly squeezed grapefruit, and you'll have a tart concoction that'll keep you coming back for more. Don't forget fresh lime for garnish!
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a vodka cran with a lime garnish

Vodka Cranberry

Is there any cocktail more classic than a Vodka Cranberry? Interestingly, many bartenders don't drink this drink justice because they neglect to use a hint of orange juice and Rose's lime to accentuate the natural cranberry flavor. If done correctly, this drink has high marks for a balanced cocktail that won't affect your diet.
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vodka collins

Vodka Collins

The Vodka Collins is a great assortment of flavors— tart, slightly sweet, and light, all at the same time. The beautiful combination of vodka, lemon juice, soda water, and simple syrup makes this drink unforgettable. I had my first Vodka Collins while on vacation, and it meshed well with my tropical surroundings.
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Skinny Vodka Mojito cover

Skinny Vodka Mojito

Looking for a summertime drink that won't make you feel guilty but still packs a punch? Look no further than the Skinny Vodka Mojito. You only need Vodka, lemon soda, sugar, and mint leaves to create a beautifully flavored cocktail that you can sip slowly on the beach while you relax and to take in the scenery.
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A vodka soda cocktail in a highball glass, placed on a sleek bar counter. The drink is clear, with bubbles visible, indicating carbonation from the soda. A slice of lime rests on the rim of the glass, adding a pop of color. The background features a blurred bar environment with soft lighting, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. The focus is on the drink, capturing its refreshing and simple elegance.

11 Low Calorie Vodka Drink Recipes

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Discover our top low calorie vodka cocktails, perfect for guilt-free enjoyment. Refreshing, tasty, and light—try them now!


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11 Must-Try Low Calorie Vodka Cocktails
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