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12 Must-Try Japanese Cocktails

I’m all about mixing up flavors and traditions in my drinks, and I’ve got a passion for Japanese cocktails. These drinks mix traditional Japanese ingredients like yuzu, shiso, and sake with classic mixology to create something truly special. They’re the perfect blend of sweet, savory, and citrus, making each sip an adventure. I love serving these to folks eager for a taste of Japan, and I’m always impressed by the balance and innovation in these recipes. If you’re into unique drinks, this roundup is a must-try.

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Japanese Yuzu Whiskey Sour TakesTwoEggs FINAL sq

Japanese Yuzu Whiskey Sour

The Japanese Yuzu Whiskey Sour encompasses the flavor of Yuzu and lemon in one tasty Japanese-inspired drink. The list of ingredients is rather long, so maybe not the cocktail for the lazy bartender, but when mixed correctly, this cocktail truly is delicious. Try this one the next time you’re out with friends or when you’re craving something sour and sweet.
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Kyoto Sour

Another flavorful Japanese cocktail to try is the Kyoto Sour. This cocktail is both refreshing and full of pizzaz. Notes of grapefruit, agave nectar, and mint are all staples in this recipe, but the biggest kicker is the addition of tabasco sauce, making this one a spicy little number.
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spicy mango sake rum cocktails

Spicy Mango Sake Rum Cocktail

I just can’t list the best Japanese cocktails without including sake alcohol, which is why this delicious Spicy Mango Sake Rum Cocktail is a definite crowd-pleaser. This recipe combines mango, Hawaiian rum, sake, and passion fruit to create a Caribbean holiday for your taste buds. You’ll love sipping this poolside or catching some rays at the beach.
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The Cherry Blossom Maraschino Liqueur Cocktail thumbnail

The Pink Cherry Blossom

The Pink Cherry Blossom is a unique drink that almost looks prettier than it tastes… almost! This recipe combines maraschino cherry liqueur, gin, fresh lime juice, and rose water for a tasty sip with a fragrant floral finish. This one is perfect for a fancy dinner or if you’re looking to impress someone special, as it is absolutely beautiful.
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sakura lychee fizz featured

Sakura Lychee Fizz

Another delicious Japanese cocktail you just have to try is the Sakura Lychee Fizz. You’ll love the fizzy nature of the drink combined with cherry blossom and lychee syrup; it’s a home run. This light and refreshing drink is perfect for a summer day out at the park.
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justine celina rosemary fig japanese whiksy sour featured 2

Rosemary Fig Japanese Whiskey Sour

The Rosemary Fig Japanese Whiskey Sour is the perfect drink to end your day. This Japanese-inspired recipe is both sour and sweet with a smooth, delightful finish. All you need to make this cocktail is Japanese whisky, a sprig of rosemary, lemon juice, egg whites, and angostura bitters.
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Japanese Cocktail 002

The Japanese Cocktail

The Japanese Cocktail is a whimsical recipe that will take you straight to Japan. With a blend of flavors including brandy, cognac, orgeat syrup and bitters. This is the perfect nightcap after a long day.
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The Japanese Sidecar

The Japanese Sidecar

If you enjoy a lemon drop cocktail then you’re sure to like The Japanese Sidecar. This recipe uses Japanese vodka called Shochu and combines lemon, brown sugar, triple sec and orange bitters to create a pleasantly tangy yet refreshing drink.
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Skylar Grapefruit Honey Sake Cocktail The Heirloom Pantry 8 1

Grapefruit Honey Sake Cocktail

A delightful and light-tasting cocktail, the Grapefruit Honey Sake Cocktail encompasses the tangy taste of grapefruit, the subtle sweetness of honey, and the bold flavor of sake to bring Japanese flavors to your taste buds with each sip. This cocktail goes perfectly at happy hour with friends or for an after-dinner finish.
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The Benefit Sake Cocktail 780 Umami Girl

The Benefit

The Benefit is a Sake cocktail with a zesty flavor. It goes perfectly with a light meal, like fish, vegetable stir fry or chicken. It has ginger, lemongrass and grapefruit making it tart with a little twist of herbal aromatic flavors.
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Lychee Martini thumbnail square

The Elegant Sake Lychee Martini

Another yummy Japanese cocktail you’ll love is The Elegant Sake Lychee. Save this one for your next fancy party because it is elegant and delicious. Super simple to make, the recipe only calls for three ingredients, sake, lychee, and lychee juice. Together, the flavors make a perfect drink to sip on while you hang about with friends.
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yuzu cocktail recipe 1

Yuzu Cocktail

Finally, when choosing the best Japanese cocktails, the Yuzu Cocktail wraps up our list. It’s a simple yet flavorful recipe that blends together the smooth taste of vanilla with the robust taste of gin. It’s a pleasant drink to sip on after a long day at work or while relaxing outside on a warm spring day.
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A serene and elegant scene featuring a Japanese Cocktail. The cocktail is served in a delicate glass, exuding a subtle amber hue, typical of a Japanese Cocktail made with brandy and orgeat syrup. It's garnished with a lemon twist and a delicate orchid flower, reflecting the refined aesthetics of Japanese culture. The glass is placed on a sleek, dark wood bar counter, lit by soft, ambient lighting that highlights the drink's elegance. Surrounding the cocktail are elements of Japanese decor, like a small bonsai tree and a traditional Japanese fan. The backdrop features a minimalist bar setting with clean lines and a tranquil atmosphere, embodying the simplicity and sophistication of Japanese design.

12 Japanese Cocktail Recipes

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12 Must-Try Japanese Cocktails
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