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11 Drinks to Mix with Stoli Orange

Dive into a vibrant burst of citrus with Stoli Orange, a spirit that beckons with the promise of sunny days and zesty indulgence. 

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Orange juice with mint and ice rustic wooden table

This dazzling vodka infusion opens the door to a world of mixological creativity, offering the canvas for crafting effervescent cocktails that transport you to a tropical paradise. Whether you’re lounging by the pool, celebrating with friends, or seeking refreshment after a long day, Stoli Orange delivers a delightful symphony of flavors. Its tangy brightness embodies the essence of ripe oranges, making it the perfect companion for crafting cocktails that capture the essence of summer’s zest.

Cranberry Juice

glass of cranberry juice with cranberries

Quench your thirst with the tart and tantalizing essence of cranberry juice – nature’s crimson elixir. Beyond its vibrant hue lies a drink that transcends mere refreshment. Cranberry juice, a vibrant symphony of sweet and sour, offers a versatile canvas for mixologists and health enthusiasts alike. Whether sipped in the solitude of a crisp autumn evening or gracing the brunch table of a bustling city café, its charm knows no bounds. This ambrosial nectar carries a unique blend of flavors that harmonize beautifully, making it not just good, but exceptional. Dive into the tangy embrace of cranberry juice and discover a world of culinary creativity and vibrant refreshment.

Lemon Lime Soda

Aluminium can of 7UP lemonade soda drink with fresh lemons and limes.

Combining Stoli Orange with lemon-lime soda is like a citrus symphony. The natural tang of fresh lemon and lime juice mingles harmoniously with the vodka’s zesty orange essence. Sweetened just right with a hint of simple syrup or the earthy richness of maple syrup, this concoction creates a delightful equilibrium. When garnished with a wedge of citrus, it becomes a burst of sunshine on a summer afternoon. Ideal for brunches or casual gatherings, it sets itself apart as a simple yet sophisticated libation that sings with the simplicity of quality ingredients.

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Club Soda

glasses of club soda on the table

Melding Stoli Orange with club soda, you’ll discover a delightful fusion of vibrant citrus notes and the crisp, bubbling embrace of soda. This harmonious pairing balances simplicity and sophistication, creating an ideal drink for those leisurely summer moments. The secret to its perfection lies in the seamless blend of just a few common ingredients, allowing the natural flavors to shine without overwhelming sweetness. What sets it apart is its refreshing balance, making it the ideal companion for a sunny patio gathering or a relaxed afternoon with friends.

Red Bull

Red Bull

Stoli Orange finds its perfect partner in the exhilarating embrace of Red Bull. The vodka’s vibrant citrus notes effortlessly complement the bold energy of this classic energy drink. Together, they create a lively fusion that’s best enjoyed during late-night escapades or when you need a boost of zestful vitality. The sweet citrus undertones of Stoli Orange harmonize with Red Bull’s unmistakable kick, making this duo a favorite among those who crave a spirited and invigorating combination. Unleash your inner night owl with this unique blend that stands apart for its lively fusion of flavors.

Grapefruit Soda

The fusion of Stoli Orange and grapefruit soda is an exquisite concoction that delivers a zesty burst of citrusy delight. 

a glass of bet grapefruit sodas with a grapefruit on the side

Freshly squeezed grapefruit juice mingles harmoniously with a touch of simple syrup, striking a perfect balance between tart and sweet. The effervescent club soda adds a lively fizz, enhancing the overall experience. What sets this mix apart is its simplicity; few ingredients, yet incredibly satisfying. Best enjoyed on a sun-kissed afternoon, it’s the ultimate embodiment of citrus-infused refreshment.

Orange Juice

glass of orange juice

The exquisite marriage of Stoli Orange and freshly squeezed orange juice forms a harmonious elixir that sings with the natural sweetness of oranges, enlivened by a hint of ginger’s gentle warmth. A touch of pink salt and a dash of black pepper add complexity to this citrus symphony, making it a standout choice. Its brilliance lies in its simplicity, making it a stellar companion for laid-back brunch gatherings. What sets this concoction apart is its ability to blend the bright zestiness of oranges with the subtle spice of ginger, creating a vibrant elixir that embodies the essence of liquid sunshine—a perfect indulgence for leisurely Sunday mornings.

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Ginger Beer

glass of ginger beer with ginger on the table

Mixing Stoli Orange with ginger beer unveils a delightful fusion of zesty and spicy notes. The ginger beer, concocted with brown sugar, freshly minced ginger, and a dash of lime juice, adds a complex depth to the vodka’s citrusy profile. The result is a balanced harmony between the Stoli Orange’s vibrant orange essence and the ginger beer’s fiery kick. Best served over ice in a chilled copper mug, it’s an ideal companion for warm summer evenings, offering a unique twist on the classic Moscow Mule. Sip and savor this captivating blend that sets itself apart with its bold yet refreshing flavor profile.


tonic water poured into a glass

Stoli Orange finds a vibrant partner in tonic water, creating a harmonious blend that tantalizes the palate. The citrusy zest of Stoli Orange complements the slightly bitter, yet subtly sweet profile of tonic water, resulting in a uniquely balanced concoction. The distinctive mix of citric acid, sweetener, carbonated water, natural flavors, and quinine in tonic water accentuates Stoli Orange’s bright notes, crafting an extraordinary synergy. Best savored on a warm summer evening, this combination stands out with its fusion of tangy orange and nuanced bitterness, offering a delightful twist on a classic favorite.

Ginger Ale

Schweppes Ginger Ale against rustic wood background

Infuse a lively zest into your Stoli Orange experience by pairing it with Ginger Ale. The spicy, warming notes of freshly brewed ginger water, combined with a touch of homemade simple syrup, provide a unique and invigorating backdrop to this classic combo. The best mixology secret lies in the balance – ensuring just the right harmony between the ginger’s kick and Stoli Orange’s citrusy burst. The addition of club soda and a hint of lime juice elevates this concoction, making it a perfect companion for a sunny afternoon on the porch or a leisurely evening with friends. Cheers to this spirited fusion!

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Grapefruit Juice

grapefruit juice

Stoli Orange finds its vibrant companion in the zesty embrace of pink grapefruit juice. This pairing delivers an invigorating blend that dances across your taste buds, marrying the sweet tang of ripe apples with a hint of citrusy zest. To craft the best mix, simply combine Stoli Orange with chilled water, a pinch of salt, and a drizzle of honey, maple, or agave syrup for a touch of natural sweetness. Serve it over ice, and you’ll savor a refreshing burst of flavors that’s perfect for sun-soaked afternoons or as a unique twist on a classic brunch favorite.

Orange Soda

a glass of best orange soda

Stoli Orange finds its zestful partner in a classic glass of orange soda. The lively citrus burst of the vodka harmonizes seamlessly with the effervescent sweetness of the soda, resulting in a taste reminiscent of a sun-kissed orchard. This dynamic duo requires only a few simple ingredients, making it perfect for spontaneous gatherings or relaxed afternoons. What sets this combination apart is its ability to strike the perfect balance between vibrant and mellow, offering a refreshingly unique twist on the ordinary. Best savored on a warm summer day, it transforms any moment into a citrus-infused celebration.

11 Drinks to Mix with Stoli Orange
Please drink responsibly, be fully accountable with your alcohol consumption, and show others respect.

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