The Different Irish Liquors You Have To Know About

Everything you need to know about spirits from Ireland

Irish liquors have a long history and an even longer list of admirers. Unsurprisingly, the Irish developed a distinctively crafted array of whiskey, beer, and other spirits throughout time – but what makes them stand out? 

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Below are the six most popular Irish drinks you must try! Let’s explore what makes them so fantastic. 

Irish Liquor

There are many types of Irish liquor on the market. We will explore the most popular liquors and what makes them unique! 


Irish whiskey is one of the oldest distilled spirits in the world, with a history that dates back to the 12th century.

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Irish whiskey has long been an intrinsic part of Irish heritage and identity and continues to be appreciated by individuals globally. 

There are several different types of Irish whiskey available, each offering its unique flavor profile and characteristics. They include single malt whiskey (which has a smoky flavor), single pot whiskey (which has a fuller body), and blended whiskey (the most complex type). 

Drinking Irish whiskey can provide numerous health benefits due to its high antioxidant content. It also contains zero synthetic elements or additives like other alcoholic drinks. 

Whiskey from Ireland is a must-try delight – sip it neat after your meal or concoct an old-fashioned one with pals in the comfort of home. 

Irish Cream

Irish creams are a popular part of the Irish drinking culture. These sweet alcoholic beverages are integral to Irish social gatherings and have been since the 18th century. 

As early as 1756, whiskey-based cream liqueurs were being produced in Dublin by Walter Pim & Co. That company is now known as Baileys Irish Cream. 

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Responsible consumption of these drinks can provide numerous health benefits, such as improved digestion due to probiotic content, increased energy levels from natural sugars, and stress reduction with the calming effects of herbs like chamomile or valerian root. 

If you are looking for something smooth enough to sip neat, or a way to add an interesting twist to your favorite cocktail recipe, why not try one of these tasty treats?


Irish poitín is a traditional Irish distilled spirit often described as the precursor to modern-day Irish whiskey.


It is made from a mix of malted barley, potatoes, sugar beets, and other grains, which are mashed and fermented before being distilled.

Poitín is known for its high alcohol content. ABV can range from 40% to 90% ABV! It is distilled in small batches in copper pot stills.

Traditionally, poitín was consumed straight, often in small amounts due to its high alcohol content. Today, poitín is enjoyed straight or in cocktails and mixed drinks. 

Some popular cocktails using poitín include the Irish Mule and the Poitin Sour. 

Irish Mist Honey

Irish Mist Honey is a liqueur made by combining the flavors of Irish whiskey and honey. 

It is produced by the Irish Mist Company, founded in Dublin in 1947. The company creates this liquor using a blend of honey, Irish whiskey, and other ingredients, which are then aged in oak barrels for several months to develop the flavor.

Irish Mist Honey is a sweet and smooth liqueur with a rich honey flavor and notes of vanilla and spices from the whiskey. It is often enjoyed neat or on the rocks, but it is also delicious in cocktails. 

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Some popular cocktails made with Irish Mist Honey include the Honey Sour and the Irish Coffee.


Sheridan’s was first introduced in the late 1990s and quickly gained popularity for its unique flavor and presentation. 


It is made by combining two different spirits in one bottle – one side has a coffee liqueur, and the other has a white chocolate liqueur.

The coffee liqueur is made with Irish whiskey, coffee, and vanilla, while the white chocolate liqueur is made with fresh cream and white chocolate. 

Sheridan’s is often served over ice, allowing the two liqueurs to mix and create a creamy and flavorful drink. It can also be used in cocktails and mixed drinks, adding a rich and sweet flavor to beverages like martinis and Irish coffees.

Irish Gin

Irish gin has a long history, with records of its production stretching back to the 17th century.

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It is believed that the Franciscan monks were the first to distill Irish gin to make medicinal remedies more palatable. Who would have thought?

Irish gin is a delicious and unique spirit that has been enjoyed for centuries, with different varieties to explore. Barrel-aged gins are more complex, London dry gins are more botanical, and sole gins are crafted with wild blackthorn berries, which offer a unique flavor. 

Try an Irish gin and tonic or an Irish clover club. Gin is versatile and can be enjoyed in many cocktails. Do not be afraid to explore!

Frequently Asked Questions

Now, we will clear up a few frequently asked questions about Irish liquor you might have.

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What is a Traditional Irish Liquor?

Traditional Irish liquor is a type of alcoholic beverage that is native to Ireland and has been produced there for centuries. All of the liquors on this list are considered traditional Irish liquors!

What is the Most Popular Irish Liquor?

The most popular Irish liquor is undoubtedly Irish whiskey. It is the most widely consumed spirit in Ireland and has been enjoyed for centuries. Irish whiskey is smoother and less smoky, compared to other types of whiskies, which is why it is so popular. A few notable brands include Jameson, Bushmills, and Tullamore Dew.

What is the National Alcoholic Drink of Ireland?

While there is no official national alcoholic drink in Ireland, Irish whiskey is often considered the unofficial national spirit of Ireland. Other alcoholic beverages often associated with Ireland include Guinness stout and Irish cream liqueur.

What are the 4 Types of Irish Whiskey?

The four main types of Irish whiskey are Single malt (peated and unpeated), single grain, single pot still, and blended. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Irish liquor is a unique and varied experience that can be enjoyed in many different ways. No matter your preferred tipple, be it a whiskey, beer, gin, or liqueur; Irish liquor has something to offer everyone looking for a unique and varied experience.

Please drink responsibly, be fully accountable with your alcohol consumption, and show others respect.

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