10 Most Popular Cocktail Syrups to Try

Indulge in a world of delightful flavors with the best cocktail syrups, elevating your drink experience to new heights! These syrups are crafted to perfection, adding a burst of taste and creativity to your favorite drinks. 

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Whether it’s a refreshing summer soirée, a cozy winter gathering, or simply a casual night out with friends, these syrups bring a touch of magic to every sip. With an array of options to suit your mood, from tangy fruit infusions to aromatic herbs, there’s a syrup for every season and every occasion. Unleash your inner mixologist and let the cocktail adventure begin!

Liber & Co

Liber & Co cocktail syrups and cocktail in the pool

Elevate your cocktails with Liber & Co’s handcrafted syrups, known for their authentic and bold flavors. Their Fiery Ginger syrup delivers a fiery kick of real ginger, perfect for adding spice to your mule or a zesty twist to whiskey cocktails. For a tropical escape, their Pineapple Gum syrup brings the essence of fresh pineapples, ideal for creating exotic tiki drinks that transport you to paradise.

Proof Syrup

Proof Syrup cocktail syrups Paloma cocktail

Unleash your inner mixologist with Proof Syrup’s unique offerings. Their Smoked Tea Vanilla syrup tantalizes the taste buds with a delicate balance of smoky black tea and sweet vanilla, making it an excellent addition to bourbon or vodka-based concoctions. Looking for a floral touch? Their Lavender Honey syrup adds a touch of elegance to gin cocktails, adding a burst of botanical aromas.



Crafted with care, Tippleman’s syrups boast an array of mouthwatering options. Their Burnt Sugar syrup provides a rich caramel flavor, lending depth to classic Old Fashioned or coffee-infused cocktails. For a tangy twist, their Barrel Smoked Maple syrup enhances whiskey-based drinks with smoky maple goodness, perfect for autumn nights by the fire.

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Small Hands

Small Hands cocktail syrups

Experience the magic of Small Hands syrups with their one-of-a-kind creations. Their Passion Fruit syrup bursts with tropical vibrancy, elevating rum cocktails or adding zest to margaritas. For an aromatic experience, their Orgeat syrup blends almonds and orange flower water, a must-have for crafting irresistible Mai Tais and other tiki-inspired delights.


Monin cocktail syrups

Explore a world of versatile syrups with Monin’s vast collection. Their Elderflower syrup boasts a delicate floral essence, ideal for sprucing up prosecco or gin-based beverages with a touch of elegance. Craving something exotic? Their Mango syrup brings a burst of tropical sweetness to mocktails and fruity concoctions.

Pratt Standard

Pratt Standard cocktail syrups

Elevate your cocktail game with Pratt Standard’s unique syrups. Their Cardamom Spice syrup infuses warmth and complexity, complementing whiskey cocktails or adding flair to hot cocoa. Embrace the summer vibes with their Blueberry Syrup, perfect for zesty lemonades or vodka tonics, capturing the essence of sunny days in every sip.

Cheeky Syrups

Cheeky Syrups

Let your creativity run wild with Cheeky Syrups’ playful offerings. Their Lavender Lemon syrup combines floral lavender with zesty lemons, a delightful addition to iced teas or vodka spritzers. To spice things up, their Spiced Honey syrup delivers a tantalizing blend of honey and cinnamon, an excellent partner for tequila-based cocktails or chai-inspired drinks.

Jack Rudy

Jack Rudy cocktail syrups

Timeless classics come to life with Jack Rudy’s syrups. Their Classic Tonic syrup offers a perfect balance of quinine bitterness and botanicals, ideal for crafting refreshing gin and tonics. Take a sip of summer with their Sweet Tea syrup, adding a Southern twist to bourbon cocktails or non-alcoholic lemonades.

Pink House Alchemy

Pink House Alchemy cocktail syrups

Experience handcrafted perfection with Pink House Alchemy’s syrups. Their Hibiscus Rose syrup dazzles with a floral and tangy melody, a beautiful match for gin fizzes or champagne cocktails. Their Lavender syrup is another great choice for creating floral cocktails. For a taste of autumn, their Pumpkin Butternut Spice Syrup complements whiskey drinks or enhances the flavors of warm apple cider.

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Strongwater cocktail syrups

Elevate your drinks with Strongwater’s all-natural syrups. Their Golden Turmeric syrup adds a hint of spice and earthiness to golden milk lattes or tequila cocktails. For a sweet kick, their Cherry Amaretto syrup infuses rich cherry flavor into whiskey sours or mocktails, a delightful treat for any time of the year.

Please drink responsibly, be fully accountable with your alcohol consumption, and show others respect.

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