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5 Best Cuban Rum Brands to Try

Cuba is a historic country for countless reasons. One of the first Spanish colonies, Cuba is most notable for introducing the world to sugar cane, as sugar continues to be one of the most beloved commodities in the world.

bottle of havana cuban rum and a glass of mojito cocktail with garnishings

In addition to desserts and sugary drinks, sugar cane is the key ingredient in rum. Cubans have a centuries-long tradition of fermenting sugarcane to create high-quality rum.

Read on to discover the best Cuban rum brands to try for your next mojito or daiquiri.

Top 5 Cuban Rums


Cuban rum brands represent a long history of sugar cane production and strict distilling traditions. Rum is a major source of pride in Cuba, and you can taste the passion and expertise of rum traditions in every bottle.

I’d love to hear your opinion on my list of the best Cuban rum brands in the comments below!

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