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Top 17 Dark Rums to Enjoy

There are few drinks as deep, rich, and exotic as dark rums. If you’re looking for fifteen of the best mixes aged, cultivated, and gathered from all over the world, you’re in the right place.

Glass of iced dark rum and tropical fruits on an oak barrel

Here is a list of our top dark rums, showcasing a variety of flavors, inspirations, and brewing methods. With each sip, you will feel the sense of adventure dark rum evokes.


From the tropics of the Caribbean to the Mediterranean Sea, these dark rums each bring distinct flavors from their aging environment. You would be surprised how much impact on depth, texture, and taste each cask can have. 

There are options for every budget, flavor preference, and use case. No matter what kind of dark rum you’re searching for, you will find the perfect fit on this list of the best choices.

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