11 Popular Mason Jar Cocktails

Mixing mason jar cocktails for my customers is something I truly enjoy. It’s a fun, creative twist on enjoying drinks. These cocktails are perfect for any occasion, from casual gatherings to a relaxing evening solo. The rustic charm of mason jars adds a unique touch, and the portability means you can take your drink anywhere. I enjoy experimenting with various liquors, mixers, and garnishes to craft something special. It’s all about mixing your favorites into something uniquely yours. I recommend checking out this roundup for some great ideas to start with.

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Mason Jar Fishbowl

Mason Jar Fishbowl

This mason jar cocktail appeals to the kid in all of us. A Mason Jar Fishbowl turns your cocktail into a fishbowl, complete with a candy Swedish Fish. Blue curacao creates the “water,” and Nerds serve as the rocks on the bottom. These cocktails will make a splash at any fun-themed party, especially during the summer. 

Love Potion Cocktail

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A quick cocktail you can make in under five minutes, Love Potion Cocktail is the perfect drink for a romantic evening. This red cocktail isn’t overly sweet, using sweet and slightly bitter Amaretto paired with Grenadine to create this easy drink with complex flavors. Garnish this mason jar cocktail with strawberries and lime to make this drink stand out. 

Vodka Lemonade Mason Jar

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Lemonade on a hot day is the perfect summer treat, especially when you add vodka. Try the Vodka Lemonade Mason Jar for a quick cocktail that’s just two ingredients: Stolichnaya Vodka and lemonade. Add ice to your mason jar and pour in the vodka lemonade. This drink is the perfect drink for busy summer functions since it’s so easy to make.

Mason Jar Beach Beverages

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Heading to the beach with a cooler? Try these Mason Jar Beach Beverages that take advantage of easy-fitting lids to bring cocktails wherever you go. Fruity cocktails with fresh herbs are the perfect addition to a warm summer day. Flavored vodka kicks up these mason jar cocktails, making them the perfect beach drink.

Mason Jar Salty Dog Cocktails

Mason Jar Salty Dog Cocktails 5

Mason Jar Salty Dog Cocktails use ground Himalayan Salt rim to cut the sweetly bitter grapefruit juice. These vodka drinks are easy to make and appeal to an audience with more refined tastebuds than other sweeter drinks. Garnish this mason jar cocktail with a sprig of rosemary to tie everything together in this complex-tasting but easy-to-make drink. 

Mason Jar Margaritas

Mason Jar Margaritas.jpg

Follow this recipe for a simple formula to make perfect pineapple margaritas to serve in your mason jars. These margaritas skip the sugar syrup, sweetening their drink with pineapple juice, adding an extra layer of flavor. Why use mason jars for margaritas? Using the lid of your jar turns it into an instant shaker. No other bar tools are required. 

Cranberry Christmas Cocktail

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A cocktail perfect for the holiday season, the Cranberry Christmas Cocktail combines cranberry vodka and cranberry ginger ale. Sweet and tart flavors meld together, making a mason jar cocktail perfect for most palates. Add a bit of rosemary for a pop of color in the drink, and you’re good to go. 

Jam Cocktails

jam cocktails 4

These Jam Cocktails use a mix of fruits and liquors, creating perfect pairings in these fruity drinks. Instead of sugar syrup, jam adds sugar to these cocktails while providing a vibrant color to the glass. Try any of the drinks as the recipe dictates, or switch it up using the fruit preserves already in your fridge. 

Tropical Tequila Punch

IMG 0414

A summer classic you can customize however you’d like, Tropical Tequila Punch combines all your favorite fruity flavors into one drink. This cocktail adds numerous fruit juices to make the perfect punch. Tequila cuts the otherwise sugary drink with some bitterness. Add to the fun vibe of this drink and garnish with lots of fruit for a tropical aesthetic. 

Frozen Fruit Daiquiris


If you have a blender at home and space in your freezer, try these Frozen Fruit Daiquiris. These cocktails are easy and customizable. Add layers to your daiquiri to create patriotic stripes or celebrate your favorite sports team. These frozen cocktails are the perfect fruity accompaniment for any warm summer day.

The Easiest Mason Jar Sangria

mason jar sangria

Another customizable option, The Easiest Mason Jar Sangria, provides a fruity drink with various flavors. Bourbon and red wine add a bit of kick to the otherwise sweet drink. This recipe is super simple to make, but just remember to start ahead of time. These mason jar cocktails need to chill for four hours in the fridge before you can enjoy them. 

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11 Mason Jar Cocktail Recipes

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