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Our Favorite Smoky Mezcals

Taking a tequila shot is a well-known way to get the party going. However, mezcal, tequila’s smokier cousin, represents a different way to enjoy these agave-based liquors.

smokiest mezcals flamed with orange peel flavor

Mezcal delivers a signature smoky flavor that brings a new dimension to tequila cocktails. Unlike many tequilas, mezcal is also commonly sipped on its own.

These thirteen smokiest mezcals celebrate the tradition and authentic procedure of making this celebrated Mexican spirit.


Mezcal provides a signature flavor to your favorite tequila cocktails, like margaritas, palomas, and smoky spiked lemonades. The smokiest mezcals deliver unique flavors to take your favorite cocktails to a new level.

Did you see your favorite smokiest mezcals? Leave a comment below to shout out your favorite mezcal brand.

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