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Top 20 Birthday Cocktails to Try

Let’s kick off your birthday celebration with a bang! I’ve got a lineup of birthday cocktails that promise to add zest to your special day. From zippy, fruit-laden delights to sumptuous, creamy treats, these drinks cater to every taste. They’re the ideal match for cheering to another fantastic year, surrounded by either a vibrant gathering or just a handful of close friends. Each recipe packs a punch of flavor and fun, making your birthday bash unforgettable. For a toast that stands out, explore these birthday cocktail recipes.

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refreshing paloma cocktail with ingredients

The Paloma is a cute and refreshing pink cocktail that’s perfect for a summer birthday party. Margaritas are always a fan favorite, and this tart and sweet birthday cocktail is very similar. All you have to use is lime juice, grapefruit soda, and tequila to create the Paloma. You don’t even need to use a shaker!


mimosa cocktail on a bar

Almost everyone has heard of a Mimosa before, as it’s one of the most popular brunch drinks around. It only requires champagne and orange juice to make this yummy, bubbly citrus cocktail, but there are also ways to spice it up for your birthday. Consider swapping the orange juice for grapefruit juice, cranberry juice, pineapple juice, or even lemonade for a tasty twist on this classic.


a luxurious and indulgent Mudslide cocktail, served in a chilled, classic cocktail glass.

Who doesn’t love chocolate? The Mudslide is for those who want something rich, creamy, and sweet with a kick. To make this tasty drink, you’ll need Irish Cream, Kahlua, espresso vodka, chocolate shavings for the garnish, whipped cream, and chocolate syrup to drizzle across the top. Seriously, this drink is delicious, no matter the occasion!


Bellini champagne cocktail in crystal glass on blue wooden table

Another brunch classic, the Bellini is always an excellent pick for summer and spring birthdays, where you want something refreshing, mildly strong, and delicious. Just mix a few ounces of Prosecco with fresh peach puree, and you’ll get the bold and charming birthday cocktail that is the Bellini.

Kir Royale

kir royale cocktail

Nothing screams that it’s a time to celebrate more than champagne, and the Kir Royale features the bubbly prominently. Get a hold of your favorite champagne, pour in the crème de cassis, add a few raspberries, and voilà! You’ll have a fruity, smooth, airy drink that you and your guests will love. 


Frozen Boozy Mint Grasshopper Cocktail with Creme de Cacao

Here’s a drink that won’t disappoint you on your big day. The Grasshopper is aesthetically appealing thanks to its mint green color. It’s one of my personal favorites because it reminds me of a grown-up version of a mint chocolate chip milkshake, and it’s made with just three simple ingredients: Heavy cream or half, crème de menthe, and white crème de cacao.

Apple Martini


An Apple Martini is a classy drink that you can make the signature cocktail for your birthday celebration. Grab any vodka, a little apple juice, apple Brandy, simple syrup, lemon juice, a few apple slices, and a cherry for a garnish; you’ll be all set. It’s sour, sweet, and has a pretty neon-green color that makes it stand out. 

Peanut Butter Cup Martini

peanut butter cup martini on the wooden background

Are any Reese’s lovers in the building? *Raises hand* You can’t go wrong with this whimsical birthday cocktail that only requires vodka, milk chocolate liqueur, chocolate syrup, and four Reese’s peanut butter cups to make. It tastes creamy and sweet, looks fantastic, and always satisfies that chocolate craving. 

Pina Colada

Pina Colada Cocktail

I love a tangy and sweet Pina Colada on any day of the year, but when it’s my birthday, it tastes even better! This simple cocktail consists of pineapple juice, coconut cream, white or dark rum (your choice), lime juice, and a pineapple wedge for the garnish. It’s very refreshing and delightful on a hot day. 

Watermelon Mojito

refreshing watermelon mojito

What’s better than a regular mojito? A watermelon Mojito! It’s sweet, light, and minty, which are three things I love in a cocktail. You’ll need lime juice, simple syrup, light rum such as Bacardi, slices of watermelon, and mint leaves to create this beautiful springtime drink for your birthday.

Birthday Cake Martini

cake martini

Everyone loves a good martini, and this Birthday Cake version will surely be a hit amongst the guests. You’ll only need a few ingredients to achieve this delicious dessert in a glass, including amaretto, whipped vodka, half and half, chocolate liqueur, and some sprinkles and honey to garnish the rim.

Chocolate Cake Shot

Chocolate Cake Shot

Who’s up for shots?! This Chocolate Cake Shot is a small but powerful elixir that packs a punch while tasting like a slice of the classic chocolate dessert. Grab hazelnut liqueur, white sugar, a lemon wedge, and vodka. You’ll want to coat the lemon wedge with the sugar, suck the juice out, and immediately drink the shot. 

Sex On My Birthday

sex on my birthday

Of all the birthday cocktails, the Sex On My Birthday drink has the wildest name and the most creative ingredients. It contains white chocolate liqueur, vanilla vodka, cake vodka, three to five scoops of vanilla ice cream, an ice cream sandwich wedged in the top, plus sprinkles all throughout. It’s creamy, sweet, and tasty. 

Sprinkle Birthday Drink

Sprinkle Birthday Drink

Pink lemonade, sprinkles, and rum are all you need to make the Sprinkle Birthday Drink. This cocktail is perfect for those who aren’t necessarily looking for “birthday cake in a class” for their next cocktail idea. Just mix the rum and pink lemonade together after you’ve coated the rim with sprinkles, then pour it over ice; enjoy! 

Pink Gin Spritz

Pink Gin Spritz

The Pink Gin Spritz Is the perfect “girly girl” birthday cocktail. This fruity, fizzy, and light drink has a lovely pink hue thanks to the pink tonic water and pink gin. Add in the Prosecco and garnish the glass with raspberries and a lime wedge for an intensely sweet and bitter flavor combination that you’ll love. 

Birthday Cake Margarita

birthday cake margarita

The presentation of the Birthday Cake Margherita is stunning. You’ll dip the rim of the glass in sprinkles, which adds a splash of color, and pour the mixture of Triple Sec, Tequila, a sprinkle of yellow cake mix, and white chocolate liqueur inside. Finish off with the whipped cream on top. You may even want to add a cherry for the final touch!

Chocolate Cake Martini

Chocolate Cake Martini

What drink could be better than a martini that tastes like a German chocolate cake? That’s precisely what you’re getting from this delectable concoction. Grab some coconut rum / vodka, hazelnut liqueur, shredded coconut, chopped walnuts, chocolate almond milk, and chocolate syrup to bring this recipe to life for your special day. 

Red Velvet Martini

red velvet martini

This drink tastes as good as it looks. Apart from providing a much-needed kick, the drink mixes two types of vodka—white creme de cacao and cake—Half & Half, a dash of white cake mix, and it’s topped with red and cream cheese frosting. Don’t forget to pair your drink with a piece of red velvet cake for the chef’s kiss.

Birthday Cake Shooter

birthday cake shooter

The Birthday Cake Shooter is for those who want to have a little fun while enjoying a strong drink. Mix cake vodka, white chocolate liqueur, and a dab of cake mix, and grab the sprinkles, whipped cream, and frosting for a garnish. Dip the shot glass rim in frosting and sprinkles, then pour the drink concoction. Drink responsibly!

Funfetti Cake Batter Milkshake

funfetti cake batter milkshake

Another birthday cocktail that literally brings the cake to the glass, the Funfetti Cake Batter Milkshake, is similar to a few other drinks on this list. It features vanilla vodka, cake vodka, vanilla ice cream, Funfetti cake mix, and of course, frosting, and sprinkles. Place the frosting and the sprinkles around the rim, mix your ingredients, pour up, and enjoy!

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A Mimosa cocktail in a classic champagne flute, with a sparkling, orange-gold color, resembling the blend of champagne and orange juice. It's garnished with a small orange slice on the rim. The drink exudes a bubbly and refreshing appearance. It's placed on an elegant, glass table top, reflecting the light and surroundings. The background features a sunny brunch setting, with a table set with various brunch items like croissants, fruits, and flowers, in an outdoor patio surrounded by green plants and trees, creating a cheerful and relaxing morning atmosphere.

20 Birthday Cocktail Recipes

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Top 20 Birthday Cocktails to Try
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A Bramble Cocktail, served in an old-fashioned glass, placed on a rustic wooden table. The cocktail features a deep purple color, indicative of the blackberry liqueur used, mixed with gin, lemon juice, and a touch of sugar syrup. A fresh blackberry and a slice of lemon are set on the rim as garnishes, adding to the visual appeal. The background should have a natural, outdoor setting, perhaps a garden or a terrace with greenery, creating a relaxed and refreshing atmosphere. The focus is on the vivid color and natural ingredients of the cocktail, highlighting its earthy and fruity character, typical of a classic Bramble.

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