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Top 12 Blended Cocktails to Try

Blended cocktails, also known as frozen or slushie drinks, are a delightful fusion of spirits, fruit juices, syrups, or cream, all expertly mixed with crushed ice to create a smooth, refreshing libation. These chilled delights offer a playful twist on traditional cocktails, making them perfect for those seeking a fun and flavorful drinking experience.

Whether you’re hosting a summer soiree, lounging by the pool, or simply unwinding after a long day, blended cocktails are a fantastic choice for anyone looking to savor a cool and invigorating beverage. With their vibrant colors and luscious textures, these frosty drinks are sure to captivate the taste buds and bring a touch of tropical bliss to any occasion.

Strawberry Daiquiri

Strawberry Daiquiri cocktail

The Strawberry Daiquiri, a classic cocktail, combines the tangy sweetness of fresh or frozen strawberries with the smoothness of light rum, elevated by a hint of zesty lime juice. With the addition of simple syrup and a generous helping of ice, this delightful libation delivers a stimulating and invigorating experience. Served in a chilled glass, the Strawberry Daiquiri offers a luscious texture and a vibrant red hue that entices the eye. Its balanced blend of flavors, ranging from fruity to citrusy, makes it a perfect companion for warm summer days or lively gatherings. Whether sipped leisurely or enjoyed with friends, the Strawberry Daiquiri never fails to evoke a sense of pure delight.

Piña Colada

Pina Colada Cocktail

Indulge in the tropical paradise of the Piña Colada, where each ingredient plays a vital role in crafting an exquisite cocktail experience. The rum sets the stage with its rich undertones, while the creamy coconut cream adds a velvety smoothness that lingers on the palate. The pineapple juice brings a burst of tropical sweetness, complemented by a splash of lime juice that adds a zing of citrusy freshness. With a slice of lime to enhance the flavors and a pineapple wedge garnish to transport you to sun-soaked beaches, the Piña Colada is a vacation in a glass. Take a sip and let the flavors whisk you away to a blissful escape.

Frozen Margarita

Frozen Margarita Cocktail lime on dark background

The frozen margarita, a beloved classic, is a delightful blend of flavors that tantalizes the senses.  Tequila blanco takes the lead, infusing the cocktail with its distinctive character and warmth, while the orange liqueur adds a touch of sweetness and depth. Fresh lime juice brings a tangy brightness that perfectly balances the drink. With a salt rim garnish that enhances the flavors and a lime wheel or wedge for added visual appeal, the frozen margarita is an icy masterpiece that demands attention. With each sip, you’ll be transported to a vibrant world of fiestas and celebration. Don’t miss out on this refreshing delight.

Bourbon Vanilla and Chocolate Milkshake

bourbon vanilla and chocolate milkshake drink on wood background

The Bourbon Vanilla and Chocolate Milkshake is a decadent delight that harmoniously blends rich flavors to create a memorable experience. Creamy vanilla ice cream and velvety whole milk provide the perfect canvas, while luscious chocolate syrup adds a luxurious sweetness. The addition of bourbon lends a subtle warmth and depth, elevating this milkshake into a sophisticated adult treat. Originating from classic American soda fountains and diners, this indulgent concoction has captured the hearts of dessert enthusiasts worldwide. Its popularity stems from the irresistible combination of comforting flavors and a nostalgic charm that brings a touch of indulgence to any occasion. Treat yourself to a sip of blissful decadence with the Bourbon Vanilla and Chocolate Milkshake.

Banana Daiquiri

banana daiquiri in glass on a wooden rustic table

The banana daiquiri is a delightful cocktail that seamlessly blends the tropical sweetness of bananas with the invigorating zing of lime juice. Combined with the smoothness of rum, a touch of granulated sugar, and the addition of orange or banana liqueur, this cocktail boasts a harmonious balance of flavors. It is a simple drink to serve, requiring only a blender and crushed ice. Served chilled in a glass, it’s best enjoyed on a warm day or as a refreshing treat. Take a sip and let the creamy banana goodness transport you to a tropical paradise.

Miami Vice

miami vice cocktail

Miami Vice, a vibrant and stimulating cocktail, captivates the senses with its harmonious combination of two distinct layers. The strawberry layer, crafted with white rum, strawberries, simple syrup, and a touch of grenadine, offers a sweet and tangy profile bursting with fruity flavors. On the other hand, the pineapple layer, blending white rum, cream of coconut, and pineapple juice, brings a creamy, tropical richness that complements the strawberry layer perfectly. When these two layers unite, the result is a tantalizing symphony of flavors, delivering a delightful balance between the sweet, tart strawberries and the smooth, creamy pineapple-coconut concoction. A sip of Miami Vice is like taking a vacation to a sun-soaked paradise, where the flavors dance on your palate, creating a blissful escape from the ordinary. 

Sex on the Beach Slushies

Sex on the Beach Slushies

Indulge in the tantalizing allure of Sex on the Beach Slushies, a cocktail that tantalizes the taste buds with a delightful blend of flavors. The vodka brings a subtle kick, while the peach schnapps adds a touch of sweetness and depth. The combination of orange juice and cranberry juice creates a harmonious balance of tart and fruity notes, complemented by the refreshing essence of frozen sliced peaches. Escape to a beachside paradise and let the flavors of Sex on the Beach Slushies transport you to a world of sun, sand, and relaxation.

Frozen Mango Margarita

Frozen Mango Margarita

The Frozen Mango Margarita combines the tropical essence of frozen mango with the zesty kick of tequila, complemented by the subtle sweetness of Cointreau, lime juice, and simple syrup, resulting in a harmonious blend of flavors that is both refreshing and vibrant. This delightful concoction is commonly served in a chilled margarita glass, allowing the drinker to fully immerse themselves in the tropical experience. With each sip, you’ll be greeted with the lusciousness of mango, the tanginess of lime, and the underlying warmth of tequila, creating a delightful sensation that transports you to a beachside paradise.

Frozen Peach Bellini Cocktail

Frozen Peach Bellini Cocktail

The Frozen Peach Bellini Cocktail is a delightful blend of fresh or frozen peaches, sugar, ice cubes, and sparkling Prosecco. What sets this cocktail apart is its unique combination of sweet peaches and effervescent Prosecco, creating a stimulating and fruity drink  that is perfect for any celebration. The lusciousness of peaches, combined with the lively bubbles of Prosecco, creates a delightful sensation that tingles the taste buds and leaves you feeling uplifted and refreshed. Sip on this icy delight and experience the invigorating fusion of peaches and Prosecco that will transport you to a realm of pure bliss. 

Frozen Pineapple Daiquiri

Frozen Pineapple Daiquiri

The frozen pineapple daiquiri is a tropical delight that tantalizes the taste buds with its refreshing flavors. Crafted with light rum, pineapple juice, simple syrup, lime juice, frozen pineapple chunks, ice, and a pinch of salt, this cocktail offers a harmonious blend of sweetness, tanginess, and tropical notes. Served in a chilled glass, the frozen pineapple daiquiri provides a cool and invigorating experience, perfect for enjoying on a warm summer day or as a festive treat. Its vibrant flavors and icy texture make it a favorite among cocktail enthusiasts, offering a delicious escape to a tropical paradise with every sip.



Get ready to chill out with the sensational FROSÉ cocktail. A bottle of Rosé takes center stage, lending its delicate and fruity notes, while frozen strawberries and watermelon add a burst of sweetness and a vibrant hue. A dash of lime juice and a drizzle of agave syrup balance the flavors, creating a delightful and harmonious drink. Served icy cold, the FROSÉ is the perfect sip for any occasion, whether you’re lounging by the pool or toasting with friends. Treat yourself to this delightful blend and let the FROSÉ transport you to a state of pure bliss. 

Frozen Mudslide

Frozen Mudslide

The frozen mudslide cocktail is a decadent and indulgent treat that combines the rich flavors of Kahlúa, Absolut Vodka, Irish Cream Liqueur, and creamy vanilla ice cream. Blended with ice cubes, this concoction becomes a luscious and velvety delight. Originating from a fusion of classic cocktails like the White Russian and the Black Russian, the Frozen Mudslide gained popularity for its luxurious taste and creamy texture. It has become a beloved choice for dessert cocktails, enjoyed in bars and lounges worldwide. Savor the rich blend of flavors and let the frozen mudslide transport you to a state of pure indulgence.

A vibrant, blended cocktail served in a fancy glass, placed on a stylish bar counter. The cocktail is colorful and frothy, with a gradient of tropical colors suggesting a blend of various fruit flavors and spirits. A decorative umbrella and a slice of pineapple rest on the rim of the glass, adding to the exotic appeal. The background features a chic, modern bar atmosphere with dim, ambient lighting and an array of high-end spirits displayed on shelves.

12 Blended Cocktail Recipes

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
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  1. Pick your favorite recipe
  2. Gather all the needed ingredients
  3. Prep a blended cocktail in less than 5 minutes

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Top 12 Blended Cocktails to Try
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