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Top 15 Dry Vermouth Cocktails to Drink

Dry vermouth cocktails blend sophistication with approachability, creating a dance of flavors that’s hard to resist. This spirit, known for its herbal complexity and subtle sweetness, adds depth and balance to drinks. It’s perfect for anyone who loves experimenting with flavors or wants to give classic cocktails a fresh twist. These cocktails are great for stylish gatherings or relaxing evenings, offering a refined yet accessible taste adventure. Check out our roundup for the best dry vermouth cocktails to mix up your drink game.

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Dry Martini

dry martini cocktail with bottles of ingredients at the background

The Dry Martini is one of the oldest and most popular drinks in the world. It’s a basic yet sophisticated cocktail that makes excellent use of the tastes of its three ingredients. The secret to making a good martini with dry vermouth is to use just the right amount of each ingredient so that the vermouth complements the gin without hiding it. Try the Dry Martini if you want to enjoy all the benefits of dry vermouth.

Old Pal

old pal cocktail with campari, sweet vermouth and rye whiskey

The Old Pal is a classic cocktail that has been a favorite of bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts for decades. It’s a strong and bitter cocktail made with rye whiskey, dry vermouth, and Campari, and it’s ideal for individuals who appreciate the nuanced flavor of dry vermouth. This drink is considered one of the best dry vermouth cocktails because it showcases the herbal and bitter flavors of the vermouth in a way that is balanced and approachable.

El Presidente

El Presidente Cocktail

El Presidente is a time-honored Cuban drink that first appeared in the early 20th century. It’s a sweet and fruity cocktail that shows off the flexibility of dry vermouth, made with white rum, dry vermouth, orange curaçao, and grenadine. It is the ideal beverage to enjoy on a hot summer day or serve as an aperitif before dinner because of its refreshing flavor.

Dry Negroni Cocktail

orange negroni cocktail on countertop

A variation on the standard Negroni, which often calls for sweet vermouth, is the Dry Negroni Cocktail. Instead of using sweet vermouth, the Dry Negroni employs dry vermouth, which gives the beverage a mild herbal flavor while letting the Campari’s bitterness stand out. One of the greatest dry vermouth cocktails is the dry negroni, which brings out the delicate subtlety of dry vermouth while balancing off the powerful bitterness of the Campari.

Bronx Cocktail

Bronx Cocktail coupe glass, orange garnish

The Bronx cocktail is a delicious, well-balanced beverage that highlights the adaptability of dry vermouth as a fundamental component in traditional cocktails. Mixing dry and sweet vermouth creates a more nuanced drink, with the sweet vermouth lending a touch of caramel to the blend. Its complex yet refreshing taste makes it a favorite among cocktail enthusiasts and a great example of the best dry vermouth cocktails.

The Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum beverage.

The beauty of The Chrysanthemum lies in its simplicity, with only two ingredients that work perfectly together. The Bénédictine contributes a sweet and somewhat spicy flavor, while the dry vermouth gives a crisp, clean taste, creating a well-rounded and elegant flavor profile. This simple but elegant cocktail is a perfect choice for those who prefer a more herbaceous and floral taste.

Dry Manhattan

cocktail with the best bourbon for manhattan garnished with brandied cherry

The Dry Manhattan is a cocktail with a powerful and refined flavor thanks to the combination of sweet rye whiskey and herbaceous dry vermouth. Traditionally, the rye whiskey used to make a Dry Manhattan has a warm, peppery flavor with overtones of vanilla and caramel. The whiskey’s spiciness is balanced by the bitter, somewhat herbaceous flavor of the dry vermouth. This drink works well as an after-work nightcap or an aperitif before dinner time.

Django Reinhardt

Django Reinhardt

A balanced combination of sweet and sour flavors characterizes the pleasant and zesty Django Reinhardt cocktail. A slice of orange is a common garnish for this drink, which is prepared with dry white vermouth, fresh lemon juice, and simple syrup. If you’re a fan of drinks with a sweet and sour flavor profile, you’ll love the Django Reinhardt cocktail.

Devil’s Own

Devil's Own

The Devil’s Own cocktail is a bold and complex drink that balances sweetness, bitterness, and herbal notes. The combination of Cointreau and dry vermouth gives the Devil’s Own a sweet and herbal flavor, while the gin adds crispness and botanical notes. The Angostura bitters add a layer of bitterness that balances out the sweetness, giving the cocktail a complex and nuanced taste. Whether you’re sipping it at a cocktail party or enjoying it as an after-dinner drink, the Devil’s Own is sure to delight your taste buds.

Brooklyn Cocktail

Brooklyn Cocktail

The Brooklyn Cocktail is a balanced and complex drink that combines a range of flavors to create a unique taste. The drink is generally garnished with a cherry or an orange twist and is created with bourbon, dry vermouth, maraschino liqueur, and a mixture of Angostura and orange bitters. With its blend of sweet, bitter, and herbal flavors, this cocktail is sure to delight your taste buds and leave you feeling satisfied and refreshed.

Old Hickory Cocktail

Old Hickory Cocktail

The sweet and herbal notes of vermouth are combined with the sharpness of Peychaud’s and orange bitters to create the delectable and perfectly balanced Old Hickory Cocktail. When making an Old Hickory Cocktail, it’s important to use high-quality vermouth and bitters, as these ingredients are key to achieving the perfect balance of flavors. The Old Hickory Cocktail is a classic and timeless drink that is sure to impress.

Fifty-Fifty Martini

Fifty-Fifty Martini

The Fifty-Fifty Martini is a classic cocktail that is known for its simplicity and balance. This cocktail, which is made with equal parts gin and dry vermouth, is the ideal illustration of how just a few premium components can result in a fantastic beverage. The Fifty-Fifty Martini is a traditional drink that is simple to prepare and ideal for gin lovers.

Contessa Cocktail

Contessa Cocktail

The Contessa Cocktail has a distinctive bitter-sweet taste profile and is incredibly well-balanced and refreshing. The Aperol and gin provide a bright flavor, while the vermouth and bitters offer depth that keeps you interested until the last sip. The Contessa Cocktail is a sophisticated and flavorful drink that is perfect for any occasion.

Elderflower Martini

Elderflower Martini

The Elderflower Martini is a classic cocktail that features dry vermouth as one of its key ingredients. This popular twist on the traditional martini features the flowery sweetness of St. Germain elderflower liqueur and the tang of fresh lime juice. This cocktail is not only refreshing, but it also has a sophisticated and refined taste that is sure to impress any guest.

Thyme for Tea

Thyme for Tea

Thyme for Tea is a unique and refreshing cocktail that stands out among the best dry vermouth cocktails. The thyme and green tea syrup, which gives this drink its unique and energizing herbal flavor, is one of its best features. This is a refreshing beverage that is especially enjoyable on a hot summer day due to its unusual flavor combination.

A Dry Vermouth Cocktail, elegantly served in a stemmed cocktail glass. The cocktail has a clear, pale color, characteristic of dry vermouth. It's garnished with an olive on a skewer and a twist of lemon peel, adding a touch of classic flair. The glass is set on a refined bar counter, under the soft, ambient lighting of an upscale lounge, highlighting the cocktail's delicate appearance. In the background, there are tasteful displays of vermouth bottles and sophisticated cocktail accessories, creating a scene of traditional cocktail elegance. The image captures the essence of a timeless and sophisticated cocktail experience, emphasizing the crisp and aromatic nature of the dry vermouth cocktail.

15 Dry Vermouth Cocktail Recipes

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Top 15 Dry Vermouth Cocktails to Drink
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