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Whether you’re serving it on the rocks or as a milkshake with a kick, a mudslide is a great-tasting and easy-to-make combo of vodka, cream, and coffee that’ll satisfy any sweet tooth. If you’re looking for something that’s a bit like a White Russian with a little more lightness and potency, this is the drink for you. Combining a creamy texture with delicious notes of chocolate and coffee, this drink is always a crowd-pleaser.

Mudslide Cocktail Recipe

The cocktail version of this drink is what you’ll want if you’re looking for a slightly more contained and elegant drink. Served on the rocks, it’s cold, sweet, and refreshing.

What You’ll Need

To make the cocktail you’ll need equal amounts of vodka, Kahlua, and Irish Cream. You can add a little more vodka if you want more of a kick. If you’re making a single serving, about 1-1.5 ounces of each should work.

Mudslide Cocktail Recipe

Keyword Irish Cream, Kahlua, Mudslide, Vodka
Prep Time 5 minutes
Servings 1
Author My Bartender


  • 1 ½ Ounces Vodka or Espresso Vodka
  • 1 Ounces Coffee Liqueur
  • 1 Ounces Irish Cream
  • Chocolate Shavings Garnish
  • Chocolate Syrup Optional
  • Whipped Cream Optional


  • Make sure you have all of your ingredients
  • Pour all of them into a shaker of ice
  • Shake well
  • Pour the ingredients through a strainer into a fresh glass filled with ice. 


If you're making multiples, evenly split between several glasses. Just like that, you'll have a fun and delicious drink.

Mudslide Milkshake Variation

The milkshake version is what you’ll want if you’re after something extravagant and rich. With the sweetness of ice cream added in, this drink will be a next-level party pleaser.

What You’ll Need

You’ll need the same three liquors as in the cocktail, but this time you’re going to add in 1/2 cup of ice and 8 ounces of ice cream for every ounce of the three spirits you’re using (about two scoops or one cup). You can use any ice cream you want, but given the types of alcohol being used, staying in the chocolate and vanilla range will probably work best. You can also garnish the milkshake with whipped cream and chocolate syrup.


  1. Make sure you have all your ingredients
  2. Pour the ice, liqueurs, and ice cream into a blender
  3. Pulse until smooth
  4. Pour into a prepared glass and garnish as preferred 

With just a few more steps you’ll go from a cocktail to a decadent milkshake that’ll make any day more enjoyable.


If you’re going to make the milkshake, make sure you have a good strong blender. If your blender is on the duller slide, you’ll end up with chunks of ice in your drink which can make the milkshake harder to drink and a little less fun.

If you want to get that classic inside the glass drizzle for your milkshake, it’s not too difficult. Simply hold the glass at a 45-degree angle and pour the chocolate syrup in while spinning the glass to swirl it around.


Check out this amazing looking Mudslide Milkshake from NN Burger in Vireginia

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While vodka, Kahlua, and Irish cream are the traditional choices, there’s a lot of fun alternatives. Irish Cream can be switched out with any cream-based liqueur, like RumChata, and a blended scotch whisky or brandy make a great substitute for vodka. There’s even a vegan option, made by swapping out the Irish Cream for Bailey’s Almande and using dairy-free ice cream.

Overall, this is a delicious drink with a ton of adjustable ingredients, meaning you can make whatever works best for you. 


Written by My Bartender

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