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Top 12 Red Wine Cocktails to Try

Discovering red wine cocktails changed the game for me. Mixing red wine’s deep flavors with various ingredients creates drinks that are both unique and refreshing. It’s a creative twist for anyone who loves the complexity of red wine but seeks something more adventurous. These blends are perfect for gatherings or a relaxing evening, offering a fresh way to savor wine. Each recipe in this roundup showcases a different take on how to mix these cocktails, blending tradition with innovation. Check out this roundup for some inspired mixing.

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Red Sangria

classic red sangria in a pitcher with glasses

Perhaps the most famous red wine cocktail of all, Red Sangria is a red wine and fruit punch that dates back to the Middle Ages. It remains the most popular drink in Spain. This classic recipe makes a pitcher out of a bottle of red wine, brandy, and orange juice. Whole pieces of citrus and apples infuse fresh fruit flavor.

Mulled Wine

Christmas mulled wine with apple, cranberry, orange, spices and chocolate on a wooden table

Mulled wine is essentially a wintertime sangria. It is a red wine and brandy infusion, using a customizable list of your favorite baking spices and citrus fruits. This recipe calls for cloves, cinnamon, and star anise to simmer for hours. The longer you simmer this liquid, the richer the mulled wine will taste. 

New York Sour

New York Sour Cocktail

A sour of any kind is a tasty blend of sweet and tart mixers with a spirit of your choice. This New York Sour is a bourbon sour with a splash of red wine. The unique use of red wine is more for presentation as you pour a dash of red wine over a bar spoon over the top of the bourbon, lemon, and simple syrup mix to create a blood-red top layer.

Devil’s Margarita

a devil's margarita with a salt rim

Named for its menacing blood-red appearance, the Devil’s Margarita is a classier version of the sangria margarita. It stays true to the original recipe for a margarita, using Blanco tequila, lime juice, and simple syrup. Instead of triple sec, this margarita gets a hearty pour of red wine. A full-bodied wine works well with the harsh alcohol-forward white tequila. 


Boozy Kalimotxo Red Wine and Cola with a Lemon Garnish

If you’ve ever been to Spain, you’ve surely delighted in a Kalimotxo, pronounced: “Calimocho.” It became a staple of Spanish drinking culture in the 1970s, around the time Coca-Cola became popular in Spain. It’s a simple blend of coke and dry red wine. It might sound strange to foreigners, but one sip of this rich two-ingredient cocktail will have you hooked.

Sangria Margarita

Sangria Margarita

A marriage of Spanish and Mexican cocktails, the Sangria Margarita is both festive and elegant. It is an elaborate cocktail that is as beautiful to look at as it is to taste. The margarita blends sour mix, tequila, and orange juice in a cocktail shaker. Red wine tops the margarita, creating a stunning two-tone cocktail that you load with fresh fruit garnish.

Red Wine Spritzer

Red Wine Spritzer

If you’re looking for the easiest cocktail to whip up on a moment’s notice, this red wine spritzer is just two ingredients. All you need is a bottle of red wine and a liter of sprite, and voila, cocktails are served for an impromptu summer happy hour. 

Ginger + Red Wine Fizz

Ginger + Red Wine Fizz

This delicious and simple red wine fizz is the perfect fall cocktail. It combines red wine with orange liqueur and ginger ale for a wonderful trifecta of citrus, spice, and tannins. This recipe makes four cocktails, perfect for get-togethers. It’s a simple pitcher filled with three ingredients that you stir to blend.

Raspberry Red Wine Spritzer

Raspberry Red Wine Spritzer

This elegant red wine spritzer is a bright and cheerful cocktail for a summer dinner party. It makes enough for a small group, using fresh raspberries mudded in individual glasses. Red wine and limoncello-flavored seltzer water blend with the raspberries, creating a crimson hue and a fruity, tart flavor palate.

Red Moon Over Manhattan Cocktail

Red Moon Over Manhattan Cocktail

A unique twist on the classic Manhattan, the Red Moon Over Manhattan swaps rye whiskey with Bourbon and uses red wine instead of vermouth. Simple syrup and bourbon come in equal parts to infuse the wine with sweetness and smoke. This cocktail is a classy happy hour cocktail, garnished with a syrupy maraschino cherry. 

Call Me A Cab Cocktail

Call Me A Cab Cocktail

This highly alcoholic red wine cocktail will require a cab ride home! Call Me a Cab cocktail is a doubly spiked lemonade with both cabernet and vodka. Lemonade and a full-bodied cabernet make for a tart, juicy, and sweet flavor profile that all but masks the vodka. One of these cocktails is more than enough to get the party started. 

Devil’s Sunset

Devil's Sunset

Another bold alcoholic beverage, the Devil’s Sunset is a blend of dry red wine, tequila, and blue curacao. Lime juice adds tartness and extra citrus to accentuate the blue curacao. This cocktail gets a refreshing finish thanks to a dash of soda water.

A sophisticated Red Wine Cocktail, elegantly presented in a large wine glass. The cocktail has a deep, ruby red color, signifying its rich flavor profile. It's garnished with a slice of orange and a sprig of thyme, adding a hint of citrus and herbal notes. The setting is a refined, dimly lit wine bar with a backdrop of wooden wine racks, creating an intimate, luxurious atmosphere.

12 Red Wine Cocktail Recipes

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Top 12 Red Wine Cocktails to Try
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