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16 Must-Try Sherry Cocktails

I’ve found sherry cocktails to be a refreshing alternative to the usual drinks. These mixes, blending the unique tastes of sherry ranging from dry to sweet, bring a novel twist to your drink repertoire. Sherry, a versatile wine from Spain, introduces complexity and enhances other flavors in a cocktail. They’re ideal for entertaining or unwinding, offering a sophisticated but accessible experience. I enjoy serving these to guests eager for something out of the ordinary. I highly recommend checking out this roundup for some inspiring sherry cocktail recipes.

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Sherry Old Fashioned

Sherry Old Fashioned 4145.jpg

This ultra-rich twist on the classic Old Fashioned is a vast improvement. Old Fashioned usually consists of whiskey, sugar, and bitters. However, this recipe calls for smoky bourbon and uses sherry as a sweetener instead of sugar. The chocolate bitters add a savory bitterness that is the height of sophistication.

Adonis Cocktail

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If you’re a fan of fortified wines, the Adonis Cocktail is a veritable sampler platter! This cocktail, named for the first Broadway play, consists of sherry, dry vermouth, and sweet vermouth. The recipe specifies dry sherry, so this cocktail isn’t too sweet. The dash of orange bitters adds a lovely citrus burst to the palate.

Sherry Cobbler

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This historic drink surfaced in the 1830s and is just now resurfacing as a delicious sherry cocktail. The Sherry Cobbler is a simple three-ingredient cocktail that blends a drier sherry like Amontillado with simple syrup and an orange wheel in a cocktail shaker. The act of shaking the cocktail will release orange juice and zest into the sherry and simple syrup, making a delicious and low abv refresher.

Sherry Sour

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Sour cocktails are defined by the addition of sugar and citric acid, giving any alcoholic accompaniment a nice mix of sweet and sour. This sherry sour uses the most alcoholic sherry known as Oloroso to blend with simple syrup and lemon juice. An egg white gets thrown into the shaker to create a lovely frothy top.



Taking its mixology method from the classic Mojito, the Tiojito muddles fresh mint in a highball glass. However, the recipe diverges from there. It tops muddled mint with Tio Pepe sherry and lemonade. The blend of sweet, sour, and mint is a refreshing trifecta for a perfect summertime cocktail.

Burnt Orange Sherry Cobbler

sherry cobbler scotch lodge crdt jordan chesbrough

If you want to wow your guests by putting in some extra effort, this Burnt Orange Sherry Cobbler will win you the respect of even the most pretentious drinker. It requires you to make burnt orange juice, which means grilling orange halves. Burnt orange and lemon juice blend with rich brown sugar syrup as a sweet and smoky foundation for dry sherry and whiskey.

Sherry Cocktail

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Another adaptation of the classic Sherry Cobbler, this Sherry Cocktail infuses various citrus fruits and fresh pineapple into the alcoholic Oloroso sherry. The pineapple may be sweet enough to eliminate the need for simple syrup. However, this recipe recommends using cherry liqueur to sweeten the cocktail, which adds even more fruity depth to the flavor palate.

Sparkling Apple Sherry Cocktail

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This complex and alcoholic cocktail blends sherry with apple brandy and prosecco for a rich and fruity flavor explosion. You even muddle half an apple into the mix to accentuate the brandy. Orange liqueur adds a rich citrus flavor, while the prosecco provides a refreshing, bubbly finish. This would be a great fall cocktail to serve dinner guests.


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If you want to drink sherry like a Spaniard, try this Rebujito cocktail that hails from the very region Sherry originated. It’s a simple blend of sherry and lemon-lime soda in a 1:2 ratio. Before combining the liquids in a cocktail shaker, you throw in a few sprigs of fresh mint for a fresh and cooling finish.

French Toast Flip Cocktail

French Toast Flip Cocktail Recipe SipsFromScripts

This ultra-alcoholic cocktail tastes like grilled french toast in liquid form. It is a scotch, apple brandy, and sherry cocktail with a spoonful of maple syrup and a dash of homemade all-spice syrup. It’s sweet, spicy, and very rich. It’s the perfect winter cocktail.

The Roosevelt Room’s Sherry Cobbler

3 ways sherry cobbler roosevelt room crdt eric medsker

The Roosevelt Room’s Sherry Cobbler is a cocktail that shows the diverse range of flavor palates you find in different types of sherry. It combines two different types of sherry, one that is dry and acidic and the other that has an earthy, bold, and rich flavor palate. The cinnamon simple syrup adds a spicy and sweet finish.

Amontillado Sherry Manhattan

Sherry Manhatten 9

Another Sherry-inspired twist on a classic, Amontillado Sherry Manhattan swaps the traditional vermouth with this sweet sherry variety to blend with whiskey and Angostura bitters. This Manhattan cocktail has pronounced flavor notes of nuts, oak, and caramel without being overly sweet. The whiskey provides a smoky finish.

Sherry Berry Cobbler Cocktail

Berry Sherry Cobbler Cocktail Ashley 2

This bright and fruity Sherry Berry Cocktail is a taste of summer that you can enjoy year-round. It blends dry sherry with citrus juices, blackberries, and raspberries, muddling the fruit to release its flavors. The muddled berries and citrus juices create a beautiful, peach-colored hue. This is a great cocktail for summer soirees.

The B-Side

bside sherry cocktail crdt lara ferroni

Another super refreshing and light cocktail, The B-Side consists of dry sherry, fresh lemon and lime juice, mint, and a splash of gin. The gin brings a botanical flavor that pairs well with mint and citrus. Simple syrup and seltzer water balance the tart citrus flavors and add a refreshing, bubbly finish.

Strawberry B&B Sherry Cobbler

cocktail 1

In case you’re not a liqueur aficionado, B&B is a blend of benedictine and brandy. It provides a bitter and bold finish to this fresh sherry cobbler. It calls for sweet and dry sherry infused with muddled strawberries and orange peel. Honey helps bring out the richness in the sherry and compliments the B&B.

Remember the Alimony

Article Sherry Cynar Three Ingredient Cocktail Recipe

Remember the Alimony is a fitting name for this bitter sherry and gin cocktail. Despite its rather disconcerting name, it’ll help you forget your troubles. It consists of gin, dry sherry, and Cynar, an artichoke liqueur with a bitter flavor and a sweet finish.

An elegant Sherry Old Fashioned cocktail, served in a classic lowball glass. The drink is garnished with a vibrant orange twist and a maraschino cherry. The glass rests on a polished wooden bar surface, reflecting the warm, ambient lighting of a sophisticated bar setting. In the background, softly blurred, are bottles of various liqueurs and spirits, adding depth and richness to the scene. The atmosphere is cozy and inviting, with a hint of luxury and classic charm.

16 Sherry Cocktail Recipes

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16 Must-Try Sherry Cocktails
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