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10 Drinks to Mix With Stoli Salted Caramel

Imagine the rich, comforting allure of caramel seamlessly intertwined with a hint of salt, transforming your glass into a confectionery masterpiece. This vodka beckons the creative mixologist, eager to craft unforgettable cocktails that evoke the warmth of cozy evenings by the fire. Whether shared among friends in a cozy lounge or sipped solo as a post-dinner treat, Stoli Salted Caramel offers an irresistible fusion of sweet and savory, elevating the art of mixology to a tantalizing new level.

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Enhance the velvety allure of Stoli Salted Caramel with a splash of Bailey’s Irish Cream. This exquisite pairing unveils a harmonious blend of luscious sweet caramel and delicate hints of cocoa. The creaminess of Bailey’s complements the vodka’s richness, resulting in a decadent treat akin to a caramel-infused dessert. Best savored as a comforting nightcap, it effortlessly transforms any evening into a warm, cozy affair, making it a go-to choice for those who appreciate the indulgence of a dessert-inspired delight.

Apple Cider

apple cider bottle glass

Elevate your autumnal experience by mixing the smooth notes of Stoli Salted Caramel with the crisp, orchard-fresh goodness of apple cider. This delightful fusion captures the essence of fall, balancing the vodka’s sweet caramel undertones with the cider’s natural apple vibrancy. The outcome is a refreshingly distinct, yet soothing concoction, perfect for sipping around a bonfire or as a delightful addition to your Thanksgiving celebrations.

Butterscotch Liqueur

Bottle of 99 brand of Butterscotch Liqueur

Infuse a sense of buttery sophistication into your evening by stirring in Butterscotch Liqueur with Stoli Salted Caramel. This luxurious combination transports your taste buds into a world of indulgent flavors, where caramel melds seamlessly with velvety toffee. Each sip is an invitation to celebrate life’s sweet moments with sophistication. Best enjoyed as a sumptuous nightcap or a special treat shared among friends.

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Hazelnut Liqueur

Nut liqueur with spices on a black background, a bottle and two glasses of alcohol, a handful of hazelnuts, cinnamon and mint.

Experience the harmonious marriage of hazelnut liqueur and Stoli Salted Caramel. This combination takes your palate on a journey into a realm of nutty elegance. As the two flavors intertwine, a symphony of caramel and hazelnut unfolds, leaving a warm, nutty finish that lingers on your tongue. Whether you’re unwinding by the fireplace or toasting to life’s achievements, this concoction adds an extra layer of indulgence to your evenings.

Hot Chocolate

Pouring of hot cocoa drink in cup on table

Cozy up to the winter chill with a comforting blend of Stoli Salted Caramel and your favorite hot chocolate. This combination transforms an ordinary cup of cocoa into a decadent, heartwarming delight. The vodka’s caramel essence gracefully mingles with the rich chocolate notes, delivering a soothing and creamy experience. Perfect for savoring on snowy evenings, this pairing is also a delightful surprise for guests during holiday gatherings.


glasses of Kahlua coffee liqueur with beans

Elevate your daily caffeine ritual by adding a dash of Stoli Salted Caramel to your coffee. This marriage of flavors brings a delightful caramel twist to your beloved brew. The result is a comforting, slightly sweet cup of coffee that transforms ordinary mornings into indulgent moments. Whether you’re seeking an indulgent boost at the break of day or a sweet escape during the afternoon, this pairing adds a touch of luxury to your routine.

Apple Juice

apple juice

Mix things up with Stoli Salted Caramel and apple juice, conjuring the nostalgia of biting into a caramel-coated apple on a crisp autumn day. Here, the vodka’s caramel notes enhance the natural sweetness of the apple juice, creating a fruity fusion that dances on your taste buds. Ideal for picnics, it serves as a refreshingly unique addition to your beverage repertoire, perfect for quenching your thirst on a sunny afternoon.

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espresso martini cocktail

Elevate your caffeine fix by adding a dose of Stoli Salted Caramel to your espresso. This intriguing pairing infuses your daily ritual with a sweet, comforting element. The caramel’s richness beautifully complements the bold, roasted notes of the coffee, resulting in a beverage that provides an indulgent, yet familiar, kick. Whether you seek an early morning boost or a delightful after-dinner pick-me-up, this fusion of flavors adds a touch of luxury to your daily grind.

Cream Soda

Hand hold a aluminium can drink of BARR flavor AMERICAN CREAM SODA in the supermarket.

Stoli Salted Caramel meets classic cream soda, creating a delightful concoction reminiscent of a creamy caramel dream. The soda’s velvety vanilla notes are enhanced by the vodka’s rich caramel undertones, resulting in a sip that feels like a sweet indulgence. It’s a perfect choice for those leisurely afternoons when you want to satisfy your sweet tooth without a hint of guilt.

Hank’s Pumpkin Spice Soda

Hank's Pumpkin Spice Soda

Embrace the spirit of autumn with a unique blend of Stoli Salted Caramel and Hank’s Pumpkin Spice Soda. The vodka’s caramel richness harmonizes beautifully with the soda’s festive spices, conjuring memories of warm, comforting pumpkin pie. It’s a perfect companion for fall festivals or a cozy fireside evening, allowing you to savor the essence of the season in every sip.

10 Drinks to Mix With Stoli Salted Caramel
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