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Baltimore Zoo

The Baltimore Zoo cocktail offers a taste experience like no other, featuring six distinct spirits, enhanced with a splash of beer and a vibrant lemon wedge. This sophisticated concoction delivers a delightful medley of sweet and sour flavors, making it a favorite among cocktail aficionados.

Baltimore Zoo cocktail with ingredients as background

If you are familiar with a long island iced tea, then you know that it can be an exceptionally strong drink. However, the Baltimore Zoo cocktail takes potency to a new level. If you choose to indulge in this drink, do so carefully. As the name seems to suggest, a few too many Baltimore zoo cocktails can lead to a wild night.

This renowned cocktail has stood the test of time, becoming a cherished classic enjoyed by patrons in bars and restaurants across the globe. Its recipe, a careful blend of amaretto, gin, peach liqueur, rum, triple sec, vodka, sweet-and-sour mix, grenadine, and beer, ensures a complex yet balanced flavor profile. 


The Baltimore Zoo cocktail is a relatively new invention that has gained popularity in recent years. The drink is said to have been first created in the mid-1990s at Purdue University in Indiana. However, the exact origin of the cocktail is still a matter of debate.

Some sources suggest that the Baltimore Zoo cocktail was named after the Baltimore Zoo in Maryland, while others claim that it was named after a popular bar in Baltimore. The drink is a potent mix of six spirits, including vodka, gin, triple sec, light rum, Southern Comfort, and amaretto, topped off with a splash of beer and garnished with a lemon wheel.

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Despite its relatively short history, the Baltimore Zoo cocktail has become a popular drink among college students and party-goers. The drink’s wild and unpredictable nature has made it a favorite at bars and parties across the country.

How to Make It

Baltimore Zoo cocktail with ingredients as background

Baltimore Zoo

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes

To make a Baltimore Zoo cocktail, you will need a few key ingredients such as gin, vodka, rum, beer, amaretto, grenadine, triple sec, and peach liqueur. You will also need ice, a highball glass, and a lemon wheel for garnish.


  • ½ ounce vodka
  • ½ ounce gin
  • ½ ounce rum
  • ½ ounce triple sec
  • ½ ounce peach liqueur
  • ½ ounce amaretto
  • 2 ounces of sweet-and-sour- mix
  • 1/2 oz grenadine
  • Beer
  • Lemon wedge


  1. Fill a large glass with ice
  2. Pour all liquid ingredients except beer into the glass
  3. Stir
  4. Top with a splash of beer
  5. Add a lemon wedge garnish

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The Baltimore Zoo cocktail is a versatile drink that can be customized to suit different tastes and preferences. Here are some variations to consider:

Lighter version

If you want a lighter version of the Baltimore Zoo, you can reduce the amount of alcohol in the recipe. Instead of using equal parts of gin, vodka, rum, triple sec, and amaretto, you can use just one or two of these spirits and add more citrus juice or simple syrup for sweetness. You can also use a light beer to reduce the alcohol content.

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Fruity twist

To give the Baltimore Zoo a fruity twist, you can add peach liqueur or peach schnapps to the recipe. This will add a sweet and fruity flavor to the drink. You can also add a splash of cranberry juice or pineapple juice to enhance the fruity flavor.

Southern Comfort

If you prefer a sweeter and smoother cocktail, you can replace the amaretto with Southern Comfort. This will give the drink a sweet and nutty flavor.

Sprite or 7-Up

For a lighter and more refreshing version of the Baltimore Zoo, you can replace the beer with Sprite or 7-Up. This will give the drink a citrusy and bubbly flavor. You can also add a splash of lemon juice for extra freshness.

Blue Zoo

The Blue Zoo is made with the addition of blue curaçao for a signature blue color.

Mocktail version

If you prefer a non-alcoholic version of the Baltimore Zoo, you can skip the spirits and use a mix of citrus juices, sweet-and-sour mix, and grenadine syrup. You can also add a splash of soda water or ginger ale for fizziness. Garnish with a lemon wheel for extra flavor.

Please drink responsibly, be fully accountable with your alcohol consumption, and show others respect.

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