Most Popular 1960s Cocktails To Try

Step back in time to the vibrant era of the swinging sixties, where cocktails flowed and sophistication reigned supreme.

rob roy 1960s cocktail

Imagine yourself in a dimly lit lounge, surrounded by the melodies of Motown and the allure of mod fashion. 

The 1960s were an intoxicating time when cocktail culture truly blossomed. From the elegant sophistication of the Martini to the playful allure of the Harvey Wallbanger, these cocktails were crafted to be savored amidst the social scenes of high society parties, glamorous nightclubs, and stylish soirées. 

So, slip into your finest vintage attire, grab a shaker, and transport yourself to an era where sipping on a meticulously mixed drink was a stylish statement of the times.


This refreshing cocktail combines the vibrant flavors of gin and lime juice. The Gimlet strikes a perfect balance between sweet and tangy, making it a popular choice for those who appreciate a zesty twist. 

Alcoholic Lime and Gin Gimlet with a Garnish

Enjoy it over ice and let the citrusy notes dance on your palate. It’s an effortless drink to make, requiring only a few simple steps, yet it never fails to impress with its crisp and vibrant taste. 

Embrace the classic sophistication of the Gimlet and indulge in a sip of timeless elegance.

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White Russian

A creamy delight, the White Russian is a blend of vodka, coffee liqueur, and a luscious touch of cream. This indulgent cocktail is smooth and velvety, offering a rich coffee flavor with a hint of sweetness. 

Bartender finishing a White Russian cocktail

Savor it over ice, allowing the flavors to meld together, and relish in its luxurious character. The White Russian is cherished for its ability to transport you to a state of pure indulgence. 

Take a moment to treat yourself and experience the creamy allure of this iconic concoction.

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Dirty Martini

For the adventurous palate, the Dirty Martini delivers a bold and savory experience.

Dry martini cocktail with an orange twist in a nick and nora glass on a glass table with a reflection

Combining vodka or gin with a splash of olive brine, this cocktail offers a distinctive and slightly salty flavor profile. 

It’s an acquired taste, prized by those who appreciate the unique twist it brings to the classic Martini.

Delivered in a chilled glass and garnished with a briny olive, the Dirty Martini is a sophisticated choice that adds a touch of excitement to any occasion. 

Dive into the intriguing world of the Dirty Martini and discover a whole new realm of flavors.

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Whiskey Sour

This timeless classic is a harmonious fusion of whiskey, freshly squeezed lemon juice, and a hint of sweetness.

whiskey sour with cherry and orange peel garnish

The Whiskey Sour boasts a perfect balance between tart and smooth, creating a well-rounded flavor profile that delights the senses. 

Presented over ice and garnished with a cherry or a citrus twist, this cocktail exudes an air of sophistication. Its simplicity in preparation belies the complexity of its taste. 

Give in to the allure of the Whiskey Sour and experience the timeless charm that has captivated cocktail enthusiasts for generations.

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Old Fashioned

A true classic, the Old Fashioned is a masterpiece that showcases the beauty of simplicity. Combining whiskey, sugar, and bitters, this cocktail is a testament to the art of mixology.

Bourbon Old Fashioned Cocktails

The Old Fashioned is an embodiment of elegance and refinement, inviting you to savor each sip as the flavors unfold. 

Chilled to a refreshing degree over a large ice cube and garnished with a citrus twist, it offers a smooth and subtly sweet taste.

Immerse yourself in the nostalgia and sophistication of the Old Fashioned and be transported to a bygone era.

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The Manhattan is a sophisticated blend of whiskey, sweet vermouth, and a dash of bitters. This iconic cocktail embodies the essence of urban elegance.

Homemade Rye Bourbon Manhattan with a Cherry Garnish

Its complex and robust flavor profile showcases the depth and character of the whiskey, complemented by the subtle sweetness of the vermouth. 

Delivered in a chilled glass with a cherry garnish, the Manhattan exudes confidence and refinement. 

Let the rich notes of this timeless classic transport you to the bustling streets of Manhattan, where every sip tells a story of sophistication and style.

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A classic from the Prohibition era, the Sidecar is a harmonious blend of brandy, orange liqueur, and lemon juice.

Sidecar cocktail

This cocktail embodies the perfect balance between sweet, tart, and citrusy flavors. 

Bathed in a sugar-rimmed glass, the Sidecar exudes a touch of elegance and indulgence. Its smooth and well-rounded taste is a testament to the craftsmanship of mixology. 

This cocktail has stood the test of time and continues to captivate discerning palates with its timeless appeal.

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Bee’s Knees

Sweet, floral, and absolutely delightful, the Bee’s Knees is a cocktail that showcases the enchanting flavors of gin, honey, and lemon juice. Its name perfectly captures its essence – it’s the bee’s knees, indeed! 

Bee's Knees Cocktail Recipe

This quenching drink strikes a perfect balance between the floral notes of honey and the citrusy brightness of lemon.

Adorned with the cool touch of ice and garnished with a lemon twist, the Bee’s Knees is a true crowd-pleaser, favored by both gin aficionados and those who appreciate a touch of sweetness. 

Give in to the buzz and let the Bee’s Knees whisk you away to a world of sunny bliss.

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Rob Roy

This cocktail pays homage to the Scottish spirit, combining whisky, sweet vermouth, and a dash of bitters.

rob roy cocktail

The Rob Roy is a rich and robust drink, boasting the distinct character of whiskey and the mellow sweetness of vermouth. 

Embraced by the icy allure and garnished with a cherry, it exudes an air of sophistication and refinement.

The Rob Roy is a drink that commands attention, recognized by those who appreciate the smoky complexity of a well-crafted Scotch cocktail. 

Immerse yourself in the world of Scottish charm and savor the timeless elegance of the Rob Roy.

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This cocktail is a New Orleans classic, served in an old fashioned glass.


The Sazerac is a classic rye whiskey cocktail. It also uses absinthe or another anise-forward liqueur, although you will only rinse the glass with this ingredient to add a touch of flavor.

To make this drink, you’ll also need a sugar cube and bitters, muddled together for some sweetness and spice.

The Sazerac should be served without ice and with a lemon peel garnish.

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Rusty Nail

A harmonious marriage of Scotch whisky and Drambuie, the Rusty Nail is a cocktail that exudes warmth and indulgence.

rusty nail drink

This simple yet delightful drink balances the rich and smoky flavors of Scotch with the sweet and herbal notes of Drambuie. 

Accompanied by ice and garnished with a lemon twist, the Rusty Nail is a drink that appeals to those who appreciate the complexity of whisky-based cocktails.

It’s a sip of pure sophistication and comfort, perfect for cozy evenings or gatherings with friends. 

Embrace the allure of the Rusty Nail and let its smooth and flavorful embrace whisk you away.

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Planter’s Punch

Transport yourself to the tropical shores with the vibrant and fruity flavors of the Planter’s Punch. This rum-based cocktail is a delightful blend of dark rum, citrus juices, grenadine, and a hint of sweetness. 

Planter's Punch, classic american drink

Set upon a bed of ice with a garnish of tropical fruit, it’s a soothing and satisfying drink that embodies the spirit of relaxation.

Loved for its lively and exotic taste, the Planter’s Punch is a favorite among beachgoers and those seeking a taste of paradise. 

Treat yourself to a sip of sunshine and let the Planter’s Punch ignite your senses with its tropical symphony.

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rob roy 1960s cocktail

12 Best 1960s Cocktail Recipes

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Most Popular 1960s Cocktails To Try
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