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12 Must-Try Cream of Coconut Cocktails

Enjoying creamy, tropical cocktails brings a unique joy, especially when coconut cream plays a starring role. These drinks mix coconut cream’s rich texture with various spirits and mixers, offering refreshing choices for any event. Perfect for pool lounging or beach parties, they hit the spot with a slightly sweet coconut flavor. They suit anyone seeking an exotic twist in their drinks. For a refreshing twist on your next drink, explore the roundup of coconut cream cocktails.

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Coconut Margarita

coconut margarita cocktail

Margaritas are a classic summertime drink, and the coconut margarita is no different. This creamy and refreshing cocktail uses cream of coconut for a tropical flavor and tequila for the classic margarita flavor. Adding a toasted coconut rim blends the flavors perfectly with every sip.

Piña Colada

Pina Colada Cocktail

Another classic coconut drink is the piña colada. This creamy cocktail makes one of the best summertime drinks with its cream of coconut, pineapple juice, lime juice, and whatever type of rum you prefer. It’s smooth, cold, and refreshing, cooling you off on a hot day. If you want to take your piña colada to the next level, add a fresh wedge of pineapple and a slice of lime as garnishes. It’s optional, but it will certainly make the drink more appealing!

Blue Hawaiian Cocktail

blue hawaiian cocktail and ingredients on the background

Blue Hawaiian cocktails are another summertime favorite that uses blue curacao, vodka, rum, pineapple juice, and for a smooth and creamy finish, cream of coconut. Some alternatives use sweet and sour juice for a non-creamy drink. Whichever version you choose, don’t forget to add the signature cocktail umbrella!

Creamy Coconut Mojitos

coconut mojito cocktail on a wooden bar

If you’re a mojito fan but love creamy drinks, all the same, the creamy coconut mojito combines both into one. With cream of coconut, mint, rum, and lime juice, this cocktail makes a refreshing and unique drink for hot summer days on the beach or sitting on a poolside bar. 

Coconut Rum Painkiller

painkiller cocktail with ingredients

A coconut rum painkiller is a spicy and creamy cocktail perfect for a hot summer day but can also work as a winter cocktail as well. With allspice dram, nutmeg, coconut rum, dark rum, pineapple juice, orange juice, and cream of coconut, this delicious drink is sweet and spicy.

Coconut White Russian

Coconut White Russian

This vodka-based cocktail becomes delicious with the addition of cream of coconut, coffee liqueur, and milk. It’s creamy and sweet, and the coffee liqueur makes it perfect for colder months or during the holidays. There is a vegan version, where you use coconut, cashew, or other alternative milk. So no matter your guests’ dietary restrictions, everyone can enjoy this treat.

Island Fishbowl

Island Fishbowl

The island fishbowl is a fun summer cocktail that uses coconut rum, blue curacao, pineapple juice, heavy cream, and cream of coconut. Saving the two creams for last, this themed summer drink is sweet, creamy, and delicious for any hot day resting by the poolside. 

Blue Coconut Cocktail

Blue Coconut Cocktail

The blue coconut cocktail takes a twist away from the summertime cocktails and introduces a winter-themed festive drink. Using similar flavors of pineapple juice, cream of coconut, and blue, the difference is the white coconut flakes for a frosty rim.

Banana Cabana

Banana Cabana

The banana cabana is a creamy coconut and banana cocktail with Kahlua, Baileys Irish Cream, and white rum. Its tropical flavors and cold temperature make it a delicious summer vacation drink. However, by incorporating nutmeg, this tropical drink can become a holiday one. 

Coconut Cloud Martini

Coconut Cloud Martini

The coconut cloud martini is a simple cocktail with rum, vodka, and cream of coconut. It’s strong and bold but makes a perfect warming drink on a cold evening. With toasted coconut sprinkled on top, this martini makes coconut a delicious winter-season flavor.

Coconut Amaretto Cocktail

Coconut Amaretto Cocktail

With the cream of coconut, amaretto, coconut rum, coconut water, and minneola tangelo, this creamy coconut and orange-flavored cocktail are ideal for hot summer weather. It’s cold, smooth, and sweet, perfect for sitting by the pool and keeping cool.

Milk Maid

milk maid whistler vertical1 crdt emma janzen

The milk maid is a tequila cocktail with cream of coconut, lime juice, cucumber, and simple syrup. It’s a refreshing cocktail despite its creamy addition and mixes well despite the differences in textures. The milk maid is cool and delicious, perfect for hot summer days. 

A cream of coconut cocktail in a decorative tiki glass, displayed on a bamboo bar top. The cocktail is a creamy, rich white color, indicative of the cream of coconut, blended with ice to create a smooth, frothy texture. It's garnished with a slice of pineapple and a maraschino cherry, adding a pop of color and tropical flair. The glass is whimsical and thematic, enhancing the exotic appeal of the drink. The background shows a lively tiki bar setting with Polynesian-inspired decorations, ambient torch lighting, and lush greenery, creating an immersive tropical experience.

Cream of Coconut Cocktail Recipes

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12 Must-Try Cream of Coconut Cocktails
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A refreshing cocktail made with coconut water in a transparent highball glass, set on a tropical beach bar. The cocktail has a light, clear appearance, showcasing the purity of the coconut water, with ice cubes and a garnish of a lime wheel and a small umbrella. A whole coconut with a straw is placed next to the glass, emphasizing the natural ingredient. The glass is simple yet elegant. The background displays a serene beach scene with palm trees, white sand, and a clear blue sky, creating a relaxed and vacation-like atmosphere.

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