13 Pumpkin Beers to Drink this Fall

frothy orange pumpkin beer ready to drink for fall

Pumpkin beers are a seasonal favorite every autumn. Brewed with pumpkin or squash, these beers take on a subtle pumpkin pie flavor that is a treat for beer and pumpkin lovers alike. The pumpkin lends a lightly spiced, subtly sweet flavor that balances nicely with traditional beer ingredients. While the pumpkin flavor is noticeable, it doesn’t overwhelm the beer taste.

These beers are perfect for kicking back and relaxing during the fall season. The flavors evoke feelings of coziness on a chilly evening. Many people look forward to pumpkin beers each year as a way to get in the fall spirit. Whether drinking with friends around a bonfire or enjoying a pumpkin beer while watching the leaves change colors, these seasonal brews help bring out the best of autumn.

Please drink responsibly, be fully accountable with your alcohol consumption, and show others respect.

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