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12 Must-Try Juices for Mimosas

I love suggesting the perfect juice for mimosas to brighten your brunch. The best juices for mimosas feature a variety of flavors that mix wonderfully with champagne’s bubbles. Traditional orange juice brings a fresh zest, while mango juice adds a tropical twist, and pomegranate juice offers a sharp, refreshing edge. Each juice enhances the mimosa, making it vibrant and enjoyable. If you’re looking to make your brunch special, this roundup of the best juices for mimosas is a great guide.

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Orange Juice

mimosa cocktail on a bar

The classic Mimosa cocktail blends the fizz of champagne with the fresh taste of orange juice. This combination creates a harmonious blend of flavors where the crisp bubbles of the champagne enhance the zesty, citrusy notes of the juice. The lively acidity of the champagne balances well with the natural sweetness of the orange juice. This refreshing and stimulating drink is cherished for its perfect fusion of effervescence and fruity flavors, making each sip an enjoyable experience.


raspberry mimosa

Enjoy the Raspberry Mimosa, a refreshing cocktail that mixes raspberry puree with traditional orange juice and sparkling champagne. The raspberries add a rich, fruity flavor and a vibrant color, making the drink both visually appealing and delicious. This blend offers a perfect balance of sweetness from the berries and the tangy citrus from the orange juice, complemented by the fizzy texture of champagne. The Raspberry Mimosa is a perfect choice for any festive occasion or casual brunch.

Apple Cider

image showcasing an Apple Cider Mimosa in a champagne flute. The drink is a sparkling, golden color, and the glass is filled halfway with apple cider and topped off with champagne, creating a bubbly effect. On the side of the glass, there's a garnish of a thin apple slice or a cinnamon stick. The background is a cozy, autumnal setting with warm colors and maybe a few fallen leaves or apples around the base of the glass to enhance the seasonal feel. The lighting is soft and inviting, making the drink look refreshing and appealing.

Try the Apple Cider Mimosa, a festive cocktail blending apple cider with sparkling champagne. This drink combines the warm, sweet flavors of apple cider with the crisp effervescence of champagne, creating a cozy yet refreshing beverage. It’s ideal for autumn gatherings or holiday celebrations, adding a seasonal twist to the classic mimosa. Garnish with an apple slice or a cinnamon stick for extra flair, making the Apple Cider Mimosa a standout choice for any special event or relaxed get-together.

Grapefruit Juice

grapefruit mimosa

The Grapefruit Mimosa is a tangy twist on the classic cocktail, blending sparkling wine with vibrant grapefruit juice. This mix excites the taste buds with its unique, slightly bitter flavor profile. The bubbles from the sparkling wine enhance the invigorating citrus notes of the grapefruit, creating a refreshing drink. This concoction strikes a tasty balance between sweet and tangy flavors, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a more adventurous variation of the traditional Mimosa.

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Mango Juice

A sparkling cocktail with mango in a flute glass

Enjoy a Mango Mimosa, a tropical blend of Champagne and mango juice. The mango juice adds a sweet, exotic touch, enhancing the champagne’s fizz. Garnished with strawberry and mango slices, this drink brings to mind sun-kissed beaches and paradise breezes. The refreshing flavors and bright colors of the Mango Mimosa offer a tasty escape, treating your taste buds to a blissful journey.

Peach Nectar or Pureé

Enjoy the lush flavor of a Peach Mimosa, a tasty mix of Champagne, peach nectar, and fresh orange juice. The peach nectar enriches the cocktail with sweetness and fruity depth, while the orange juice adds a bright citrus twist. Garnished with fresh peach slices, this drink offers a tasty blend of flavors. Each sip of this Peach Mimosa promises a blissful experience, perfectly combining ingredients for a truly memorable taste.

Cranberry Juice

Try the Cranberry Mimosa, a mix of cranberry juice and sparkling wine that offers a tangy and elegant flavor. The cranberry juice provides a fruity acidity that complements the wine’s fizz. This drink is garnished with sparkling sugar, fresh cranberries, and rosemary, making it visually stunning. A festive favorite, the Cranberry Mimosa is perfect for special occasions, adding sophistication and vibrant colors. Enjoy the tasty blend of tangy cranberry and bubbly wine for a festive taste experience.

Strawberry Purée

Enjoy the Strawberry Mimosa, a tasty twist on the classic mimosa that blends orange juice, champagne, and fresh strawberries. This combination infuses the drink with a touch of sweetness and a burst of fresh strawberry flavor. Simple to make and universally appealing, it’s a perfect choice for any gathering. The Strawberry Mimosa’s charm and vibrant flavors are sure to please everyone. Cheers to a cocktail that combines simplicity with pure enjoyment!

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Pomegranate Juice

Try the Pomegranate Mimosa, a lively and enticing cocktail combining champagne and pomegranate juice with a zesty splash of lime or orange. This drink balances the slightly tart sweetness of pomegranate juice with the bubbly fizz of champagne. Garnished with pomegranate seeds and fresh rosemary, it offers a burst of flavors. This tasty mix captures the essence of celebration, making every sip a memorable treat. Cheers to the enchanting experience of Pomegranate Mimosas!

Pineapple Juice

Enjoy Pineapple Mimosas, a tropical cocktail blending pineapple juice, triple sec, and champagne. The sweet and tangy pineapple juice combines with the citrusy brightness of triple sec, enhanced by the fizz of champagne. This refreshing mix creates a tropical taste that transports you to sunny shores with each sip. Pineapple Mimosas are perfect for beach parties, summer gatherings, and tropical-themed celebrations, making them a popular choice for any festive occasion.

Watermelon Juice

Enjoy the Watermelon Mimosa, a vibrant cocktail that mixes watermelon juice, orange juice, and chilled champagne. The juicy sweetness of watermelon blends with the zesty citrus of orange juice, complemented by a touch of sugar or honey, and garnished with fresh mint leaves. This refreshing combination offers a tasty burst of fruity flavors with a hint of citrus and champagne fizz. Served in a flute glass, the Watermelon Mimosa is perfect for capturing the essence of tropical paradise and creating joyful, relaxing moments.

Blackberry Juice

Try the Blackberry Mimosa, a unique cocktail that combines blackberry juice, spearmint leaves, coarse sugar, simple syrup, and brut champagne, garnished with fresh blackberries. This blend offers a fresh twist on the classic mimosa, infusing it with the rich flavors of blackberries and a refreshing hint of spearmint. Served cold, it delights the senses with vibrant colors and a stimulating taste. The Blackberry Mimosa is a memorable drink that enhances any occasion, offering a pleasing and invigorating experience with every sip. Cheers to a truly distinctive cocktail!

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12 Must-Try Juices for Mimosas
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