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Top 20 Cold Brew Cocktails to Try

Cold brew cocktails offer a unique twist on coffee, blending its rich flavors with spirits for a refreshing mix. This roundup showcases how the smooth, less acidic nature of cold brew coffee combines effortlessly with various alcohols, including whiskey, tequila, and rum, to craft drinks that suit any occasion. From light, bubbly concoctions to stronger mixes, these cocktails are ideal for enjoying on warm evenings or at casual gatherings. The recipes cater to all preferences, ensuring there’s a drink for everyone. For those looking to explore new ways to enjoy coffee, this roundup is a must-try.

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Cold Brew Negroni

tequila espresso martini

Another novel take on a classic, the Cold Brew Negroni makes a few changes, including swapping traditional gin for aged rum. The cold brew gets a rich, smooth finish with the aged rum that’s preferable to gin’s botanical nature. Campari and sweet vermouth add a dry and sweet finish to this elegant cocktail.

Bourbon Iced Coffee

Bourbon Iced Coffee

This spiked cold brew cocktail blends chocolate bitters and Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey for a smokey, bitter cocktail with a chocolatey finish. The bourbon-to-coffee ratio ensures that bourbon is the star of the show, but the rich coffee flavor neutralizes the alcoholic bite. This easy recipe makes one cocktail by pouring all ingredients into a glass and stirring. 

Cold Brew Old Fashioned

Cold Brew Old Fashioned

A caffein-fueled take on the classic bourbon cocktail, this Cold Brew Coffee Old Fashioned adds equal parts bourbon and cold brew to simple syrup and bitters. The dash of water is a much-needed flavor neutralizer. The orange slice and maraschino cherry garnish offer a delicious dessert garnish to compliment the bitter smokiness of a coffee-filled Old Fashioned. 

Tequila Cold Brew

patron tequlia holiday cocktails tequila cold brew cocktail the kentucky gent 4

Considering tequila and vanilla are Mexican natives, this tequila cold brew recipe is an homage to Mexico. It blends cold brew and tequila with vanilla-infused simple syrup and heavy cream in a cocktail shaker. Shaking the cream creates a velvety texture and frothy head to this cocktail, reminiscent of an iced latte.

Cold Brew Bourbon Cocktail

coldbrewbourbon 5.jpg

This recipe further solidifies bourbon as one of the favorite coffee pairings. It’s a decadent cocktail that blends bourbon and cold brew with cream, triple sec, and maple syrup. The result is both refreshing and comforting, with citrus and maple invoking fall and winter flavors. 

Cold Brew Martini

Cold Brew Martini iowagirleats 01

A more convenient alternative to the classic Espresso Martini, a cold brew martini delivers the same ultra-caffeinated, rich coffee cocktail you crave without all the fancy machinery. It’s a simple three-ingredient vodka martini recipe that combines equal parts vodka, coffee cream liqueur, and cold brew in a cocktail shaker for an elegant cocktail that’ll surely give you a second wind.

Irish Cold Brew Coffee

irish cold brew coffee 2

The perfect brunch cocktail for your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, this Irish Cold Brew Coffee honors brews of every kind, from beer to spirits to coffee. It adds Irish stout and Irish whiskey to a full cup of cold brew, finishing it off with a pour of thick creamer. This cocktail is a meal in and of itself!

Brown Sugar Cold Brew Cocktail

cold brew cocktail 9 of 10

If you’re a fan of elaborate Starbucks coffee drinks, this cocktail is an alcoholic version of Starbucks’ brown sugar oat milk espresso. Cold brew is a perfect espresso alternative with an equally rich coffee flavor. It has you make a brown sugar simple syrup to sweeten a cup of equal parts cold brew and whiskey, adding a dash of dairy-free milk for creaminess.

Black Mountain Coffee

Black Mountain Coffee crdt eric medsker

This cocktail is for those amateur mixologists looking for a challenge. Black Mountain Coffee is the height of modern mixology, consisting of a cold brew concentrate and a sophisticated mix of Irish whiskey, bitter liqueurs, and banana liqueur. If that flavor explosion isn’t enough, the recipe then has you top the cocktail with a scratch-made salted-cinnamon cream.

Kahlúa Cold Brew

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No brand would know how best to craft a cold brew cocktail than Kahlua, the king of coffee liqueurs. They’ve created the perfect cocktail to showcase their signature liqueur with this simple, three-ingredient Kahlua Cold Brew. It blends lemon, Kahlua, and cold brew for the perfect summertime coffee cocktail.

Cold Brew and Brandy Cocktail

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Brandy is a sweet and smokey spirit that, like whiskey, is aged in oak casks. It has a similar flavor profile to whiskey, making it a great pairing for coffee cocktails. This Cold Brew and Brandy Cocktail consist of equal parts brandy, cold brew, and whole milk. I like all the baking spice garnishes that enhance the tasting notes in the brandy.

Twisted Black Russian

Twisted Black Russian

A dairy-free twist on the classic White Russian, this vodka cocktail is just as rich without the cream. It’s a single-serving low-ball glass that combines vanilla vodka, Kahlua, and cold brew in a cocktail shaker with ice. Vanilla and coffee are a match made in flavor heaven, and you get double doses of both ingredients.

Cinnamon Whiskey Coffee Cocktail

Fireball Coffee Cocktail 2

Cinnamon is the most popular garnish for coffee drinks, so it follows that cinnamon whiskey would be a perfect pairing for cold brew cocktails. This three-ingredient cocktail spikes cold brew with a dash of cinnamon whiskey and a dash of milk. Cinnamon whiskey is spicy and smokey, with a little going a long way. Therefore, this cold brew cocktail is flavorful without being too boozy. 

The Siciliano

TheSpeckledPalate NationalCoffeeDay TheSiciliano 004 small

The Siciliano is another less alcoholic cold brew cocktail consisting of cold brew and sweet vermouth. Not only does this cocktail prove that the unlikely pairing of wine and coffee works, but it also adds club soda to the mix. Against all odds, a fizzy coffee and wine liqueur cocktail is both flavorful and refreshing. 

Repo Cold Brew Cocktail

recipe cold brew h

Short for “reposado,” Repo Cold Brew Cocktail comes courtesy of Don Julio tequila. It combines its signature reposado tequila with milk, pouring the spiked milk mixture over a glass of cold brew. The smooth, smokey finish of the tequila makes this the classiest hair of the dog iteration I’ve encountered.

Roast and Toast

The Roast and Toast a Bourbon Cocktail

A boozy homage to toasted marshmallows, this elegant cocktail has a bourbon and cold brew foundation. The marshmallow flavors come from a blend of brulée liqueur, orange juice, and amaretto. The best part is the roasted marshmallow garnish. If you don’t have a torch, you can easily roast the skewered marshmallow over a gas stove flame. 

Cointreau Cold Brew

C0088 cointreau cold brew

This Cointreau cold brew cocktail adds nearly equal parts of cold brew and Cointreau, finishing it off with a rich pour of coconut milk. The combination of orange and coconut milk makes for the ultimate boozy cold brew creamer. Cointreau has a lower alcohol content than the standard spirits, so this is a beverage you can enjoy two of.

Bold Russian


True to its name, the Bold Russian is a stronger-tasting version of the classic White Russian. You replace coffee liqueur with a cold brew in the typical vodka, cream, and coffee recipe. The Bold Russian gets a sweet and bitter boost from simple syrup and walnut bitters, which only embolden the Bold Russian even more.

Cold Brew Coffee Eggnog

Bourbon Eggnog Cold Brew Cocktail Photograph

Eggnog is a thick, creamy spiced beverage that you’ll see at most holiday parties, and it’s usually spiked with booze. This recipe takes it a step further by adding yet another spiced ingredient. It has you make a spiced cold brew to add in equal parts with the eggnog and bourbon, sweetening the mix with a dash of vanilla simple syrup.

Spiked Caramel Pumpkin Cold Brew

Spiked Caramel Pumpkin Cold Brew

I’m ending with the ultimate winter-season dessert cocktail. The spiked caramel pumpkin cold brew is a boozy macchiato served in a large mason jar and topped with heaping dollops of whipped cream and caramel sauce. This cocktail calls for scratch-made pumpkin cold brew concentrate spiked with spiced rum and Bailey’s Irish cream. 

A modern cold brew cocktail, elegantly presented in a highball glass on a sleek, dark bar counter. The cocktail features a rich, dark coffee color, indicative of the cold brew, topped with a creamy, frothy layer, hinting at a dairy or creamy ingredient. The garnish is simple yet sophisticated, possibly a few coffee beans or a cinnamon stick. The background is a contemporary bar scene with a dim, intimate lighting, showcasing blurred outlines of stylish bar stools and shelves filled with various bottles, creating a trendy and sophisticated ambiance. The highlight is the cold brew cocktail, with its inviting layers and a perfect balance of coffee and cocktail aesthetics.

20 Cold Brew Cocktail Recipes

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Top 20 Cold Brew Cocktails to Try
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