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Gin & Tonic

ow to MakeG&T. It’s fun to say and fun to make. It’s easy to make too. Right? Sort of, yes, but there is a ‘but’. Despite only having two ingredients, this cocktail has to be done just right. To mix the perfect gin and tonic, you need to consider everything from the spirit proof and gin style to the garnish and the glass itself.

Make the Perfect Gin And Tonic

A Balancing Act 

A highball gin is a perfectly crafted drink, using two-thirds tonic with one-third gin of 45% ABV or above. The balance of these ingredients is crucial. The piquancy of the tonic can be overpowered if there is too much gin. Equally, the botanical flavor of the gin can be lost if watered down with too much tonic.

Find the Perfect Mix for Your Palate

With two ingredients, you would think perhaps there is little room for maneuver, but things could not be further from the truth. There are lots of different tonics and even more gins available in good stores or online, so you can experiment to find your favorite flavor combo.

How to Make

Classic Gin & Tonic Recipe

Prep Time 3 minutes
Servings 1
Author My Bartender


  • 2 Ounces Gin
  • Tonic
  • 2 Lime wheels to garnish


  • Pop some ice in a rocks or highball glass all the way to the top
  • Add in your gin
  • Pour your tonic water on top and stir gently
  • Garnish with lime wheels

Fashion Forward

The recent fashion for gin has brought lots of new flavors to the market with floral and citrus notes accentuated; the more traditional flavor is a strong juniper. Similar changes can be found in tonics as the quinine bitterness used to be at the forefront. Nowadays you can also find tonics at the other end of the scale, sweet and almost syrup-like. Just like with the gins, there are those that accentuate floral or citrus, and even spices or herbs.

Garnish with a Flourish

Don’t forget the garnish, of course. Tradition dictates that with the juniper-flavor of a London dry, the lime is the best accompaniment.  With the variety of other flavors out there now, a slice of grapefruit, lemon, or even a sprig of rosemary is more appropriate.

Create a Taste

With all this choice, you can afford to be creative and play to your palate’s content! To soften the cocktail, a measure of dry vermouth can be beneficial. If it’s refreshment you need, perhaps on a hot summer’s day, muddle in some fruit or cucumber. We’ve mentioned rosemary, but what about trying other herbs? And you could even stretch to barrel-aged gin for a completely different vibe.

The Development of the G&T

British soldiers and Indian citizens of the 1840s would not believe the variety that now exists from what was originally a way to make antimalarial quinine powder palatable. Quinine powder was so bitter that doctors and nurses mixed it with sugar and soda so patients could imbibe it more easily. Entrepreneurs being what they are, they soon took hold of it and sold it to the public. It wasn’t long before tonic joined the gin to make something more akin to what we know today.

It’s Medicinal!

The quinine flavor has lessened over the generations, and today, it is far sweeter to suit a modern preference. The gin and tonic combo is so good that it’s hard even to say one without thinking of the other. The best thing about it is you can, of course, claim it has medicinal purposes.


Have you got a favorite combination of modern gin and tonic flavors? Do you prefer the traditional London dry with lime? Whatever your preference, next time you construct this elegant cocktail, raise your glass to our clever ancestors and thank them for this refreshing achievement!

Written by My Bartender

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