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London Mule Cocktail

Simple to make and delicious to drink, the London Mule is a cool and refreshing classic first popularized in the 1950s. It’s similar to a Moscow Mule but with gin instead of vodka. You can make one in minutes, and it’s also easy to customize.  

About the London Mule

Originally created in the 20th century, the Moscow Mule found a surprising resurgence of popularity across the country in the early 2000s. Featuring vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice, it combines sophistication with simplicity. Still popular today, you can order a Moscow Mule in practically any bar in the country.  

All three of the base elements in the drink can be switched around. Of all the variations you’ll find, one of the most popular is the London Mule, which keeps the ginger beer and lime juice but switches out the vodka for gin.

Nobody particularly knows where the London Mule was invented, as bartenders have been altering the Moscow Mule since its invention. The name is due to the inclusion of gin, a spirit strongly associated with London. (Along those same lines, the Mexican Mule uses Tequila, and the Kentucky Mule is made with bourbon.)  

If you’re a fan of the often-bracing kick of the juniper berries, choose a London dry gin. However, if you enjoy a more citrusy taste, a modern, flavored gin is likely what you’ll prefer instead.

You have two options for ginger beer: homemade or canned/bottle. Both work well with a London Mule. However, you want to avoid using ginger beer in a shaker, as the carbonation can cause it to overflow.  

Ingredients for a London Mule

Only a few ingredients are required to make this drink. However, because it’s so simple, the quality of each ingredient plays an important role in the overall taste. Here’s what you need:

  • 2 ounces of gin
  • 3 ounces of ginger beer
  • 1/2 ounce of lime juice
  • Lime wedge or wheel

Directions to Make a London Mule

You don’t even need a shaker to make a London Mule. Whipping one up takes only a few minutes.

1. Combine the Ingredients

First, you’ll need to pack a glass or mug with ice. Traditionally, London Mules are served in a copper mug, which keeps the drink cool from start to finish. However, if you don’t have a copper mug, highball glasses also work well.

Add the gin and lime juice at the same time. Then, top the glass with the ginger beer. Stir briefly. Finally, garnish the drink with the lime.

The Gin-Gin Mule Variation

If you’re a fan of the London Mule, but want a drink with a fresher taste, try the Gin-Gin Mule. It adds mint and simple syrup. To make a Gin-Gin Mule, you’ll need a shaker.

1. Combine the Ingredients

Muddle the mint sprig, lime juice, and simple syrup. As always, when muddling mint, use a gentle approach, as too much pressure can release bitter flavors. Add the mixture to the shaker.

Next, add the gin. If you’re using homemade ginger beer, you can also add it to the shaker.

2. Shake and Serve

Shake vigorously for about 30 seconds or until the outside of the shaker is lightly coated with condensation. Pour the mixture into a highball glass and top with canned or bottled ginger beer if necessary. Add a mint sprig for a garnish, and you’re ready to enjoy.   

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