15 Negroni Variations to Try

If you’re a fan of classic cocktails with a twist, then you’re in for a treat with negroni variations. These delightful concoctions take the beloved negroni and add a creative spin, resulting in a whole new world of flavors to explore. Whether you’re a seasoned negroni enthusiast or just dipping your toes into the world of mixology, there’s a variation out there for everyone. So, if you’re up for a little adventure in your glass, sit back, relax, and savor the diverse and delightful world of negroni.

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Negroni Sbagliato

negroni sbagliato cocktail

The Negroni Sbagliato exudes a delightful twist on the classic Negroni. With its sparkling personality, this variation swaps the traditional gin for effervescent bubbles, creating a lighthearted and zesty experience. Its vibrant flavor profile combines the bitter notes of Campari with the mellow sweetness of vermouth, resulting in a harmonious symphony of flavors. Best enjoyed on a sunny patio, this effervescent delight has become a go-to choice for those seeking a lighter Negroni experience that still captures the essence of the original.

Mezcal Negroni

Mezcal Negroni Cocktail

Prepare for a smoky affair with the Mezcal Negroni. This captivating variant replaces the traditional gin with mezcal, infusing the drink with a seductive, earthy essence. The smoky notes intertwine with the bitter Campari and sweet vermouth, creating a complex and intriguing flavor journey. Best savored slowly, this bold and adventurous concoction is often chosen by those with an appreciation for the distinctive taste of mezcal and a desire to elevate their Negroni experience with a touch of intriguing depth.

White Negroni

White Negroni Cocktail

Step into the world of elegance and sophistication with the White Negroni. This refined variation swaps the traditional red Campari for the herbaceous beauty of Suze and combines it with the delicate floral notes of Lillet Blanc. The result is a graceful and balanced cocktail that enchants the palate. Best enjoyed in a chic cocktail bar, the White Negroni offers a lighter and more nuanced experience, captivating those seeking a Negroni with a refined twist.

Rum Negroni

rum negroni cocktail

Embrace the tropical vibes with the Rum Negroni. This spirited adaptation replaces gin with the rich, velvety allure of rum, infusing the drink with a Caribbean charm. The bitter Campari and sweet vermouth harmonize seamlessly with the rum’s warmth, creating a cocktail that dances on the taste buds. Often savored in a beachside lounge or at a festive gathering, the Rum Negroni attracts those who appreciate the fusion of tropical flavors and the playful spirit of the islands.

The Old Pal

old pal cocktail with campari, sweet vermouth and rye whiskey

The Old Pal, a cocktail born from the Prohibition era, embodies timeless sophistication. This whiskey-based Negroni variation features the bold flavors of rye whiskey intertwined with the dry allure of dry vermouth and the captivating bitterness of Campari. Best enjoyed in a classic lounge or a cozy speakeasy, The Old Pal appeals to whiskey connoisseurs and those who relish the charm of vintage cocktails. With its rich and complex character, this cocktail never fails to evoke an air of refinement.


a glass of Americano cocktail

The Americano is a classic aperitivo that predates the Negroni itself. With its vibrant crimson hue, this enlivening cocktail showcases the harmonious blend of Campari’s bittersweet allure and sweet vermouth’s velvety embrace. Best enjoyed in a bustling outdoor café, the Americano captures the essence of a leisurely afternoon. Its light and approachable flavor profile, coupled with its low ABV, makes it a popular choice for those seeking a relaxed and effervescent pre-dinner drink.


a glass of boulevardier cocktail

The Boulevardier cocktail presents a delightful twist on the Negroni, replacing gin with the smooth complexity of bourbon or rye whiskey. This enchanting blend balances the bittersweet notes of Campari with the deep richness of the chosen whiskey, enhanced by the sweet vermouth’s silky touch. Often savored in a sophisticated cocktail lounge or a refined social gathering, the Boulevardier attracts whiskey enthusiasts and those who appreciate the fusion of elegance and intensity.

Frozen Negroni

Frozen Negroni

Escape the summer heat with the Frozen Negroni, a chilled delight that combines the bold flavors of the classic Negroni with a refreshing icy twist. This frosty concoction takes the traditional Negroni ingredients—Campari, vermouth, and gin—and blends them with crushed ice to create a slushy, delightful drink. Best enjoyed poolside or at a beach bar, the Frozen Negroni provides a revitalizing respite from the sweltering heat. Its icy texture and vibrant flavors make it a popular choice among those seeking a cooling and revitalizing cocktail with a delightful twist.

Lodge Negroni

Lodge Negroni

The Lodge Negroni is a captivating winter variation that embraces warmth and comfort. This cozy drink replaces gin with a smooth and robust whisky or bourbon, imparting a comforting richness to the drink. The Campari’s bitter notes are beautifully complemented by the deep flavors of the chosen whisky, while the sweet vermouth adds a touch of velvety sweetness. Best enjoyed by a roaring fireplace or in a rustic lodge setting, the Lodge Negroni embodies the essence of winter indulgence, enticing those who seek a cozy and soul-warming cocktail experience.

Cynar Negroni

Cynar Negroni

For the adventurous spirits who appreciate a touch of herbal complexity, the Cynar Negroni offers a captivating twist. This variant replaces Campari with the artichoke-based liqueur, Cynar, which adds a unique earthy and bitter profile to the mix. The interplay between Cynar, sweet vermouth, and gin creates a harmonious balance of flavors. Often enjoyed in trendy cocktail bars or by those with an affinity for botanical nuances, the Cynar Negroni invites exploration and delights the palate with its intriguing and distinctive character.

My Fair Lady

My Fair Lady

Step into a world of elegance and floral enchantment with the My Fair Lady cocktail. This delicate variation introduces elderflower liqueur into the classic Negroni trio, imparting a gentle and fragrant essence. The combination of Campari, vermouth, and elderflower liqueur creates a refined and nuanced flavor profile that appeals to those seeking a sophisticated and graceful cocktail experience. Best enjoyed in a chic garden setting or during a stylish soirée, the My Fair Lady cocktail showcases the allure of floral notes and captivates the discerning drinker with its refined charm.

Cherry Negroni

Cherry Negroni

Indulge in the luscious sweetness of the Cherry Negroni. This tantalizing variation introduces the vibrant flavors of cherry liqueur into the mix, adding a fruity and indulgent twist. The bitter Campari, sweet vermouth, and cherry liqueur meld together, creating a harmonious balance of flavors. Often enjoyed as a dessert cocktail or during festive occasions, the Cherry Negroni attracts those with a penchant for fruity delights and a desire to explore the sweeter side of this classic drink.

Amber Negroni

Amber Negroni

Experience a captivating blend of warmth and spice with the Amber Negroni. This intriguing variant replaces the traditional red vermouth with the rich and aromatic allure of an amaro, infusing the cocktail with layers of complexity. The amber hues of the drink mirror the flavor journey that unfolds with each sip, combining the bitter Campari, the herbal notes of the amaro, and the chosen gin or whisky. Best savored in intimate cocktail bars or during autumnal gatherings, the Amber Negroni entices with its intriguing depth and evocative fall flavors.

Tony & Friends

Tony & Friends

Enter the realm of creative experimentation with Tony & Friends, a Negroni variation that invites mixologists to infuse their own innovative twists. This playful and dynamic cocktail celebrates the artistry of the craft, encouraging mixologists to add their preferred ingredients, such as fruit infusions, unique bitters, or unexpected liqueurs. The Tony & Friends cocktail embodies the boundless creativity and personal touch that define mixology as an art form. With each variation as unique as the mixologist behind it, Tony & Friends offers an ever-evolving adventure of flavors and surprises.

Chocolate Negroni

Chocolate Negroni

Satisfy your sweet tooth with the indulgent and seductive Chocolate Negroni. This delectable variation infuses the classic Negroni with the rich, velvety essence of chocolate liqueur. The bittersweet harmony of Campari and vermouth is elevated by the luscious chocolate undertones, creating a luxurious and irresistible flavor profile. Often savored as a dessert cocktail or after-dinner treat, the Chocolate Negroni entices chocolate lovers and those who seek a sinfully delightful twist on a beloved classic.

A Negroni Sbagliato, elegantly served in a classic stemware on a polished wooden bar counter. The cocktail is a stunning combination of deep red and orange hues, signifying the unique blend of sweet vermouth, bitter Campari, and sparkling wine. An orange twist garnishes the drink, adding a burst of citrus aroma. The background features an upscale, intimate bar setting with vintage decor, ambient lighting, and an array of sophisticated spirits.

15 Negroni Variation Recipes

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15 Negroni Variations to Try
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