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Mind Eraser Drink

Fancy a caffeine hit with a refreshing, bubbly kick? The Mind Eraser cocktail might just be the drink for you!

mind eraser drink

Based on the popular 1940s tipple, the Black Russian, this vodka-based cocktail promises a zesty burst of flavor with smooth coffee undertones. Perfect for an after-work pick-me-up!

What Is the Mind Eraser?

This smoky cocktail mix is made up of vodka, coffee liqueur, and a dash of soda water. It is similar to a White Russian, which uses two parts vodka and one part coffee liqueur and is topped up with milk. It is also a slightly modernized version of a Black Russian, which uses the same spirit quantities as a White Russian but replaces milk with soda water.

History of the Mind Eraser Cocktail

The Black Russian was created in Brussels in the 1940s during a time when tensions between the West and Russia were running high. This playful, mysterious cocktail became all the rage and was a sophisticated way to make light of political troubles. Milk was added in the 1960s and the famous White Russian was born.

In the 1980s, stylish cocktails and a fast-paced urban lifestyle were the height of fashion. The updated version upped the alcohol content and became the newest hit drink on the scene.

Instead of using just one part coffee liqueur, like the Black Russian, this mind-melding shot uses a double shot of both vodka and Kahlua for a saucy twist on a demure classic. In fact, it’s this increased alcohol content that gives this drink its reputation as a memory blotter.

mind eraser drink

Mind Eraser

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes

These drinks are different from some cocktails in that you don't need a shaker to mix it up. Instead, this smooth drink can be made in stages.

You'll need a glass – preferably a lowball glass – half-filled with ice, a bottle of vodka, Kahlua, or any preferred brand of coffee liqueur, and some soda water.


  • 2 Oz Coffee Liqueur
  • 2 Oz Vodka
  • Splash Club Soda


    1. Pour a double shot of coffee liqueur over the ice. You can add as much ice as you prefer – just remember that this will water your drink down!
    2. Add your double shot of vodka. If you pour gently and slowly, the dark coffee liqueur should stay at the bottom of your glass creating a smart, layered look.
    3. Add just a splash of soda water to give it some fizz. If you're using a soda water gun, hold your thumb down on the button for two seconds. This should be enough to mix the drink slightly but not to break up the layers.
    4. Serve with a short straw and enjoy! If made properly and sipped through a straw, you should be able to taste the separate layers of flavor as they meld together.

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So, will this fierce little number obliterate your memories? Given its strong spirit content, this is definitely one to enjoy in moderation – unless you really do want to wake up without any memories of the night before.

When it comes to cocktails, this one is best enjoyed slowly in the evenings as a tasty nightcap.

Mind Eraser Drink
Please drink responsibly, be fully accountable with your alcohol consumption, and show others respect.

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