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Top 20 Fruity Vodka Drinks to Try

I always go for fruity vodka cocktails when I’m in the mood for something refreshing and full of flavor. These drinks mix vodka’s smoothness with the sweet and tangy notes of different fruits. It’s a hit, whether you’re after a tropical mix like pineapple and coconut or something zesty with citrus. The variety is endless, and that’s what makes it exciting. Each sip offers a new taste adventure, perfect for any setting or mood. Don’t miss out on this roundup for top fruity vodka cocktail recipes.

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Sex on the Beach

sex on the beach cocktail with ingredients

Of course, the most iconic fruity vodka drink is sex on the beach. Named because it’s supposedly better (and less sandy) than having sex on a beach, this drink involves several ingredients, but you can make it with peach schnapps, orange juice, and cranberry juice. It will bring you back to your island vacation in no time! 

Dirty Shirley

Boozy Refreshing Dirty Shirley Cocktail with Cherry Soda and Vodka

A Shirley Temple is a classic “kiddy cocktail” – grenadine, sprite, and cherries. However, you can dirty it up a bit and make it more grown-up by adding vodka. Vodka’s the perfect mixer to make a Dirty Shirley – it adds a clean flavor without overpowering the soda and grenadine flavor. This one’s a classic! 


sea breeze

Fruity drinks are often extremely sweet, but the combination of grapefruit and cranberry brings some refreshing tartness to the Seabreeze. A classic cocktail, this drink is easy to make and even easier to drink! You could say that the Sea Breeze is a breeze to make.

Vodka Strawberry Lemonade

strawberry lemonade 4

Nothing says summer like a strawberry lemonade. However, if you want to make a cocktail for an adult garden or backyard party, a big batch of vodka strawberry lemonade can kick your summer breeze up a notch. Made with just a few ingredients, this fruity, summery cocktail is an instant hit. 

Giggle Juice

Giggle Juice IC 2

Named after a slang term for alcohol during the 1920s prohibition, “giggle juice” is a light, summery sangria recipe that involves vodka, champagne, ginger ale, and multiple fruit juices. This delightful mixer can make one cup or a pitcherful, so bring it to your next brunch and let the giggles commence! 

Vodka Party Punch

Vodka Fruit Punch Recipe Photo scaled

Another party punch, this cocktail is sure to be a hit with any size of party. It tastes like a better (more spiked) version of the punch that appeared at all your high school parties. In fact, one of the key ingredients is fruit punch. You can buy Hawaiian punch or make your own, but as long as you add vodka, you’ll be ready to party!

Bay Breeze

Refreshing Boozy Vodka Bay Breeze Cocktail with a Lime

Bay Breeze is a classic variation on the Cape Codder and hails from the East Coast of America. With only pineapple juice, cranberry juice, and vodka, the beauty of this cocktail is in its simplicity. If you love tart, fruity flavors and want to jazz up your vodka cranberries, try a Bay Breeze next time you make yourself a summer cocktail.

Sex in the Driveway

sex in the driveway recipe on dark table in an outdoor terrace in the summer

If you want a variation on sex on the beach that’s a little closer to home, try Sex in the Driveway. It offers the same fruity flavor with less tartness and more citrus. In addition, the use of blue Curacao makes the drink a stunning bright blue. Careful with this one – it is a strong drink, but it tastes like fruit juice!

Hippie Juice Cocktail

hippie juice recipe 1

Despite its peaceful name, Hippie Juice is one of the strongest drinks on this list. Ingredients include coconut rum, watermelon vodka, triple sec, and peach schnapps. All of those are alcohol, and they combine to make an island-flavored beverage that packs quite an alcoholic punch! This is a unique treat and well worth a try. 

Orange Thunder

orangethunder20 scaled

If you love orange flavor (or the Denver Broncos, where this drink originated), you will love Orange Thunder. The ingredients are orange vodka, orange liqueur, orange soda, and orange juice. Notice a theme? Yes, the drink comes out incredibly orange, smooth, fruity, and with an alcoholic kick that might just score a field goal. 

Gilligan’s Island Cocktail

Gilligans Island Cocktail Image%2B2

Gilligan’s Island Cocktail is an homage to the incredibly popular castaway show. It’s also a close cousin of Sex on the Beach, with peach schnapp, orange juice, and cranberry juice. However, Gilligan’s island gets just a bit more islandy by adding coconut vodka (if you don’t have any, try vanilla vodka and coconut water). 

Taste the Rainbow

Taste the Rainbow

Did you know that you can layer liquids on top of each other? It’s a scientific fact, and it’s brought to full fruition in this deliciously rainbow drink (no Skittles are involved unless you eat them on the side). With layers of red grenadine, orange peach schnapps and pineapple juice, and Blue Curacao on top, this cocktail is truly a marvel. 

Alcoholic Fruit Punch

perfect summer drink with vodka and fruit punch

Another spiked fruit punch, this one is even easier to make. With fruit punch, vodka, orange juice, and lime juice, all you need are some fruit slices and a punch bowl to make it a party. You can make this fancier by adding a bottle of champagne or soda water, but we love it just the way it is. 

Pineapple Screwdriver

pineapple screwdriver.jpg

If we’re talking about vodka drinks, nothing is more classic than the screwdriver. A simple orange juice and vodka mix, it’s a classic morning cocktail. However, this recipe makes it a bit sweeter with pineapple juice. You can mix orange and pineapple juice or simply mix pineapple juice in for a refreshing fruity drink.

Fruity Vodka Spritzer

Fruity Vodka Spritzers 1

Although this recipe has some more unique ingredients, it’s the freshest and fruitiest on this list. With apricot nectar and white grape juice, orange juice, vodka, and real fruit to garnish it, you can make the lightest summer cocktail you’ve ever tasted. 

Love Potion Vodka Cocktail

Love Potion Vodka Cocktail 4

We think that the love potion cocktail is called that because it’s pink. However, it’s also a great way to fall in love with grapefruit juice. If you’re not a huge fan, try it mixed with peach schnapps and vodka – it’s sweet, simple, and a delicious way to spend a romantic night in. 

Raspberry Vodka Martini

raspberryvodkamartiniv2.ashx?w=1446&h=1085&fit=crop&crop=entity&q=50&auto=format,compress&cs=srgb&ixlib=imgixjs 3.4

Martinis generally are not known for being sweet and fruity. In fact, they’re some of the driest cocktails around. However, this raspberry vodka martini cuts back on the alcohol and adds real fruit as well as simple syrup and cranberry juice. It’s sweet without being too sweet – the perfect summer martini. 

Mango Vodka Cocktail

mango vodka cocktail 2

If you’re looking for an easy mango cocktail, this is the one. With just two ingredients, you can make this at home or bring it to a summer party with no problem. It’s sweet, light, and full of bright mango flavor. 

Passionfruit Vodka Cocktail

Passionfruit Vodka Cocktail Cookin Canuck 5

Passionfruit is a unique choice for a cocktail, but it makes for a unique island flavor. Made with passionfruit juice, cranberry juice, and guava juice, this vodka cocktail is a stunning color of red and has all the flavors of the islands.

Peach Vodka Cocktail

Peach Vodka Cocktail

By this point, you might have noticed that peach and vodka pair very well together. Well, nothing shows it off better than this peach vodka cocktail. Perfect for a day at the beach, this cocktail consists of sprite or ginger ale, peach vodka, and grenadine. Make it at home and bring it to the sand for some light, refreshing sipping!

A bright and refreshing scene featuring a Fruity Vodka Cocktail. The cocktail is presented in a tall, elegant glass, filled with a colorful mixture of vodka and various fruit juices. The drink is vibrant with layers of orange, red, and yellow hues, resembling a sunset. It's garnished with a slice of orange, a cherry, and a tropical umbrella. The glass is set on a sleek, modern bar counter, with a backdrop of a sunny beach and clear blue sky. Around the glass are fresh fruits like oranges, strawberries, and pineapples, adding to the summery vibe. The setting is lively and relaxed, perfect for a beachside bar.

20 Fruity Vodka Cocktail Recipes

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Top 20 Fruity Vodka Drinks to Try
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