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22 Must-Try Orange Cocktails

Everyone loves the sweet, zesty taste of orange in a drink. I’ve got some awesome orange cocktails that are perfect for any time you want something fruity and fun. These drinks are all about that fresh orange flavor, mixed in ways that are both delicious and exciting. Great for parties, relaxing at home, or anytime you need a splash of sunshine in your glass. Let’s check out my favorite orange cocktails that are sure to make you smile.

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mimosa cocktail on a bar

This delightful cocktail is a harmonious union of bubbly champagne and tangy orange juice, creating a symphony of flavors that dance on your palate. With every sip, you’ll be greeted with the effervescence of the champagne, followed by the bright and citrusy notes of the orange juice.

Tequila Sunrise

tequila sunrise cocktail with ingredients on the background

Get ready for a taste sensation with the Tequila Sunrise! This vibrant cocktail is an irresistible blend of tequila, sweet grenadine, and tangy orange juice, creating a dazzling display of colors and flavors.

Classic Screwdriver

A vibrant, refreshing Screwdriver cocktail in a highball glass, filled with ice and garnished with a fresh orange slice. The drink is a bright orange color, indicating a mix of vodka and freshly squeezed orange juice. The glass is set on a wooden bar top, and a background that suggests a cozy, inviting bar atmosphere. The setting is warm and welcoming, perfect for enjoying a classic cocktail.

With every sip, you’ll experience vodka’s smooth and crisp taste, beautifully complemented by the sweet and tangy notes of the orange juice. The combination is refreshing and invigorating, making it the perfect pick-me-up for any time of day. As a lover of fun and easy cocktails, the Classic Screwdriver is one of my favorites.

Fuzzy Navel

a glass of Fuzzy Navel cocktail and background ingredients

As a fan of fun and fruity drinks, the Fuzzy Navel holds a special place in my heart. It’s a deliciously easy cocktail to make, requiring just two ingredients, and it’s a hit at parties and gatherings. I highly recommend it to others looking for a playful, lip-smacking drink that will impress them.


tropical juice madras cocktail served on a dark bar setting garnished with a lime wedge

With each sip, you’ll be treated to the smooth and crisp taste of vodka, followed by the tartness of cranberry juice and the zesty sweetness of orange juice. The combination is like a party in your mouth, leaving you refreshed and invigorated.

Harvey Wallbanger

Harvey Wallbanger Cocktail

Get ready to twist and turn with the Harvey Wallbanger! I highly recommend it to others looking for a cocktail that’s unique, flavorful, and full of character.

Alabama Slammer

Alabama Slammer

Get ready to savor the taste of the South with the Alabama Slammer! This deliciously sweet and tangy cocktail is a delightful blend of Southern Comfort, amaretto, sloe gin, and orange juice that will transport your taste buds to a Southern porch swing on a warm summer day. 


hurricane cocktail with ingredients in the background

This tropical cocktail is an irresistible blend of rum, passion fruit syrup, grenadine, and citrus juices that will transport you straight to a sunny beach getaway. So, grab your shaker and ride the flavor hurricane with a delicious and refreshing Hurricane in hand!

Sex on the Beach

sex on the beach cocktail with ingredients

As a self-proclaimed cocktail connoisseur, I love Sex on the Beach for its vibrant flavors and fun name. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a bold, fruity drink perfect for a good time. 

Tangtini (Tang Martini)

tangtini - tang martini

That childhood tang flavor mixed with peach vodka for an unforgettable cocktail experience. The tang rim on the glass won’t last long once you finish making this delicious drink.

Blood and Sand

Homemade Smokey Blood and Sand Cocktail with Orange Juice and Scotch

This drink is a harmonious blend of smoky, sweet, and citrusy flavors that will leave your taste buds begging for more. The smoky notes from the whisky are beautifully balanced by the sweet cherry liqueur and the rich vermouth, while the zesty orange juice adds freshness to every sip.

Ward 8

Ward 8

I love the Ward 8 because it’s a balanced and versatile cocktail you can enjoy year-round, whether sipping it by the fire in the winter or savoring it on a patio in the summer. It’s a classic that never goes out of style! Plus, creating such a delicious and sophisticated cocktail is truly rewarding.

Orange Creamsicle Mimosa

perfectly finished Orange Creamsicle Mimosa in a champagne flute

You’ll love the Orange Creamsicle Mimosa for its creamy, refreshing twist on the classic bubbly cocktail. This drink blends the familiar zest of orange juice with the smooth, sweet touch of whipped vodka and a dash of Cointreau. The addition of half-and-half introduces a silky texture that pairs beautifully with the crispness of chilled Prosecco. It’s a top pick for sunny days or a festive brunch. Enjoy the fusion of flavors that makes this Mimosa a favorite.

Orange Blossom

Orange Blossom

The Orange Blossom has a perfect balance of floral, citrusy, and boozy notes that delightfully dance on the palate. Plus, it’s a breeze; with just a few simple ingredients and a quick shake or stir, you’ll have a stunning cocktail that’s sure to impress. I highly recommend the Orange Blossom to anyone looking for a refreshing and sophisticated twist on a classic cocktail. It’s a floral delight perfect for sipping on a sunny afternoon or special occasion.


Garibaldi Cocktail refreshment bitter and orange juice classic aperitif

This classic Italian cocktail features Campari and freshly squeezed orange juice. The result? A burst of bittersweet flavors with a hint of tartness that’ll transport you straight to the sunny streets of Italy. I highly recommend the Garibaldi to anyone who appreciates the beauty of simplicity in cocktails and wants to add a touch of Italian flair to their sipping experience.

Orange Crush Cocktail

homemade orange crush cocktail with mint and vodka

If you’re craving a drink bursting with tangy, refreshing flavors, the Orange Crush Cocktail is an absolute must-try! I love the Orange Crush Cocktail because it’s easy to make but impressively delicious.

Orange Margarita

Orange Margarita

If you love tangy and refreshing cocktails, then the Orange Margarita is a must-try! This zesty twist on the classic margarita features tequila, triple sec, freshly squeezed orange juice, and a splash of lime juice, resulting in a burst of citrusy flavors that’ll make your taste buds salsa!



This cocktail is the perfect blend of sweet, sour, and bubbly, making it an ideal thirst quencher for hot summer days or lively fiestas with friends. Plus, the unique presentation in a clay cup adds a fun and festive touch to the experience. While it may require a bit of effort to freshly squeeze the citrus juices and find a clay cup for serving, making the Cantarito is worth it for the delicious and refreshing flavors it delivers.

Orange Daiquiri

Orange Daiquiri

This tropical libation bursts with juicy and tangy flavors that will transport you to a sunny beach getaway. The rum brings a smooth and rich note to the drink, while the fresh orange juice adds a zesty and sweet kick perfectly balanced by a sweetness from the simple syrup. 

Orange Moscow Mule

Orange Moscow Mule

If you’re looking for a zesty and refreshing twist on a classic, then the Orange Moscow Mule is a must-try! This delightful concoction combines the tangy flavors of freshly squeezed orange juice with the iconic kick of ginger beer; all brought together with a splash of vodka for that extra punch.

Vodka Sunrise

Vodka Sunrise

As you take a sip, you’ll be greeted with the refreshing taste of citrusy orange juice, followed by a subtle hint of vodka and a touch of sweetness from the grenadine. The beautiful layered effect, with the grenadine sinking to the bottom and creating a stunning sunrise-like appearance, also makes it a visual treat. I love the Vodka Sunrise because it’s straightforward to make, yet it looks and tastes like a masterpiece.

Jameson Orange Burst

Jameson Orange Whiskey

The Jameson Orange Burst is a perfect balance of sweet, sour, and refreshing, making it an absolute crowd-pleaser. As a whiskey lover, I can’t get enough of the Jameson Orange Burst. It’s a unique twist on the classic whiskey cocktail, and it’s perfect for sipping during brunch, happy hour, or any festive occasion.

An Orange Cocktail, served in a sophisticated cocktail glass. The drink has a bright, vibrant orange color, likely from a blend of orange juice, a citrus-based liqueur, and possibly vodka or gin. It's garnished with a slice of fresh orange and a sprig of mint, adding a refreshing touch. The glass is set on a modern bar counter, with a subtle backlight enhancing the vivid color of the drink. In the background, there's a chic, contemporary bar scene with soft lighting and stylish decor, creating an inviting and trendy atmosphere that complements the lively and zesty nature of the Orange Cocktail.

22 Orange Cocktail Recipes

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22 Must-Try Orange Cocktails
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