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10 Luscious Lychee Cocktails to Elevate Your Mixology Game

Lychee Cocktails add a refreshing twist to the drink menu with their sweet and floral essence, making them a standout choice. This exotic fruit blends seamlessly with a variety of spirits to craft elegant, refreshing beverages. It appeals to everyone, from experienced connoisseurs to newcomers. These recipes highlight lychee’s versatility and delightful flavor, proving essential for anyone eager to showcase their mixology skills. For amazing lychee cocktail ideas, this roundup is worth a look.

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Lychee Martini

lychee martini in a glass.

The Lychee Martini is a twist on traditional martini recipes, featuring vodka and vermouth with a hint of lychee. It’s a more tart recipe, with the only sweetness coming from the fruit. Still, if you enjoy a usual martini, this might be an exciting new way to try out a favorite drink.

Pink Grapefruit and Lychee

grapefruit and lychee cocktail

First on our list is the fruity and simple Pink Grapefruit and Lychee cocktail. Mixing the fruit juices with some vodka creates a surprisingly strong and easy drink. You’ll enjoy a strong citrus flavor, and the grapefruit tartness is well-balanced with the lychee’s more mellow, sweeter juices.

Lychee Contract

a lychee contract cocktail

A slightly more complex cocktail, the Lychee Contract requires you to have at least the specialty item of elderflower liqueur. The unique, sophisticated taste of elderflower makes this drink extremely floral. Lychee works as a garnish in this drink, making it a good choice if you like a hint of that sweet flavor.

Lychee Lime Fizz

lychee lime fizz

Next, the Lychee Lime Fizz is a cooling cocktail that mixes lychee with honey, lime, and vodka, among other ingredients. Honey brings out the floral notes in the lychee, while the lime helps cut the sweetness. Mint leaves as a final garnish keep this drink refreshing.

Lychee Mai Tai

lychee mai tai

Mai Tai cocktails are famously tropical, and this Lychee Mai Tai recipe is a modern twist on the classic drink. It does require some work, as it’s a blended cocktail. The sweet lychee works well with multiple rums and citrus liqueurs for a fruity, spicy drink that will help you feel like you’re on a beach no matter where you have it.

Leapin’ Lychee Cocktail

a leapin lychee cocktail

Next, the Leapin’ Lychee cocktail is a bright green drink you might enjoy at themed parties or beckon in spring. Melon and lychee keep this drink sweet, while lemon juice adds a kick. It’s a simple drink to mix up with vodka, and it shouldn’t be hard to create large servings for gatherings.

Empress Gin and Lychee Gimlet Cocktail

empress gin and lychee gimlet

The gimlet is another classic drink, and the Empress Gin and Lychee Gimlet adds some extra sweetness to the bitter option. Gin and lime are the primary ingredients and a tart base. But adding sweet lychee juice and some simple syrup can liven the drink up. You can also enjoy it with extra herbal notes by adding floral garnishes.

Lychee Rickey Cocktail

lychee rickey

An easy cocktail to mix, the Lychee Rickey Cocktail is different from some of the other options listed because it doesn’t use pure lychee juice. Instead, you get that fruity flavor from a lychee liqueur. You might prefer this option if you like your drinks a bit stronger and more tart. Lime and club soda help finish it off.

Sparkling Lychee Cocktail

a delicious sparkling lychee cocktail

The Sparkling Lychee Cocktail is one of the most straightforward drinks, as it’s a simple mix of tonic water, gin, and lychee. If you don’t have simple syrup, making it may be the only challenging part of the process. Gin and lychee help balance each other, while the tonic water keeps everything together and bubbly. You can expect a slightly sweet, refreshing drink.

Lemon Lychee Mojito

lemon lychee mojito

Finally, the Lychee Lemon Mojito is another twist on an already fruity, tropical cocktail. Lemon helps bring out the citrus flavors of lychee while still being balanced in sweetness. White rum brings a refreshing, light taste of alcohol. The final additions of mint help finish the drink with cooling notes.

A refreshing lychee cocktail, served in an elegant glass on a bar counter. The cocktail is a delicate pink hue, garnished with a lychee fruit on the rim and a sprig of mint. The background features a softly lit, sophisticated bar ambiance with blurred bottles and glasses in the background, creating a warm, inviting atmosphere. The focus is on the cocktail, with its sparkling, translucent appearance, and the gentle play of light reflecting off the ice cubes inside the glass.

10 Lychee Cocktail Recipes

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Enjoy the sweet, floral essence of lychee in your cocktails. Find the best lychee cocktail recipes to impress anyone with your mixology skills.


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10 Luscious Lychee Cocktails to Elevate Your Mixology Game
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