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16 Must-Try Raspberry Vodka Cocktails

Discover the joy of raspberry vodka cocktails, a fantastic mix of fruity flair and lively spirit. They’re ideal for sprucing up gatherings or adding a splash of excitement to quiet evenings. My selection highlights the versatility of raspberry vodka, ranging from refreshing takes on beloved classics to innovative mixes that balance sweetness and tartness perfectly. These recipes are not only bursting with taste but also simple to whip up. Trust me, exploring these raspberry vodka cocktail recipes will surely introduce you to your new favorite drink.

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raspberry lemon drop cocktail

Raspberry Lemon Drop

The Raspberry Lemon Drop cocktail is an enticing mix that brings together the sweet and juicy flavors of raspberries with the tangy zest of lemons, creating a delightful dance of sweet and sour on the palate. It's finished with a smooth vodka kick, offering a refreshing and engaging taste experience. This cocktail is not just a drink but an adventure for your taste buds, making it perfect for those who enjoy a fruity yet sophisticated sip.
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raspberry cosmopolitan cocktail on a wooden bar top

Raspberry Cosmopolitan

The Raspberry Cosmopolitan is a delightful variant of the classic cosmopolitan cocktail, offering a fusion of tart and sweet flavors. It features the lusciousness of raspberries blended with the crispness of vodka, enhanced by the tang of lime juice and the subtle sweetness of cranberry juice. This cocktail presents a gorgeous pink hue, making it as visually appealing as it is delicious. It's the ideal choice for those seeking a sophisticated, fruity refreshment.
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french martini cocktail on a bar garnished with pineapple wedge

French Martini

The French Martini is a chic cocktail blending vodka and raspberry liqueur with a splash of pineapple juice, creating a unique combination of flavors. This drink offers a velvety texture and a vibrant mix of sweet and tangy notes, highlighted by the fruitiness of the raspberry and the tropical essence of pineapple. Its appealing appearance and refined taste make it a favorite for those seeking a sophisticated yet fruity drink.
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Raspberry Vodka Mule

This simple twist on the classic Moscow Mule comes compliments of the Swedish Absolut Vodka distillery. It features their proprietary Absolut Raspberri vodka, blended with lime juice in a copper cup and topped with a refreshing pour of ginger beer. Ginger beer is a rich, spicy mixer that pairs well with the slightly sweet raspberry-flavored vodka.
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raspberry vodka mojito2

Raspberry Vodka Mojito

If you’re not a fan of rum, this Raspberry Vodka Mojito is a wonderful alternative. It swaps rum for raspberry vodka and has muddled mint with lime juice and fresh raspberries at the bottom of your highball glass. Mint and raspberry is a flavor duo that is both cooling and flavorful; the soda water gives it a refreshing bubbly finish.
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4 Syn Raspberry Vodka Fizz featured 1

Raspberry Vodka Fizz

Speaking of bubbles, you’ll find plenty of them in a Raspberry Vodka Fizz! This recipe makes a pitcher’s worth of bright pink drinks for your next summer get-together. It uses frozen raspberries both for texture and flavor. Frozen raspberries infuse a berry flavor into the vodka, pink lemonade, and prosecco while also giving you bits of berry with each sip.
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IMG 2327 1 scaled

Sparkling Raspberry Martini

Another vodka and prosecco cocktail, this Sparkling Raspberry Martini features raspberry vodka, raspberry syrup, and fresh raspberries. It’s an easy, two-step recipe that first has you muddle fresh raspberries with sugar, then add the alcohol and syrup. The result is a sweet, bubbly berry explosion!
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raspberry martini 03

Raspberry Lime Martini

An elegant and simple cocktail, the recipe for Raspberry Lime Martinis makes two servings and is perfect for a date night with your special someone. It’s as shaken as a martini can get, as the shaking muddles the fresh raspberries with lime juice and simple syrup, and raspberry vodka adds even more berry flavor.
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09d5386b vid53800 vodka daiquiri

Raspberry Vodka Daiquiri

If you’re looking for a challenge, this Raspberry Vodka Daiquiri has you make cranberry syrup from scratch and brulee limes for a show-stopping garnish. Daiquiris like mojitos are usually made with rum, but this recipe blends raspberry vodka with lime juice and cranberry simple syrup. Cranberry and raspberry go well in this well-balanced, tart, sweet daiquiri.
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IMG 0734 e1589321258801 scaled

Raspberry Lemonade Vodka Spritzer

Raspberries are the perfect garnish for Prosecco, and it's customary to pop a raspberry or two in a flute of prosecco to bring out its fruity notes. This Raspberry Lemonade Vodka Spritzer takes this concept to the next level by pairing raspberry vodka and raspberry syrup with prosecco. Lemonade adds some much-needed tartness, while the prosecco gives it a bubbly and dry finish.
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Smirnoff Raspberry and Lemonade

Smirnoff Raspberry and Lemonade

Raspberry lemonade is a major upgrade for everyone’s favorite summertime refresher, so a spike raspberry lemonade will surely be a crowd-pleaser. This recipe comes from Smirnoff, showcasing the distillery’s delicious raspberry-flavored vodka. It’s a simple three-ingredient recipe that blends fresh raspberries with raspberry vodka and lemonade in a shaker.
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20200121 featured tonic lrg

Raspberry Vodka Tonic

No easier cocktail exists than a simple vodka tonic. Tonic water gets its unique bittersweet flavor from a South American tree bark that was once a remedy for malaria, hence the name “tonic.” Now, tonic water is a beloved mixer for vodka and gin, adding a sophisticated flavor palate and a bubbly finish. This recipe uses raspberry vodka instead of regular vodka.
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Raspberry Lime Vodka Cocktail 1

Raspberry Lime Vodka Cocktail

Try this Raspberry Lime Vodka Cocktail if you’re more partial to limeade than lemonade. It has you make your own simple syrup and raspberry juice, a fun and effortless task executed by smashing fresh raspberries through a strainer. Raspberry vodka, simple syrup, raspberry, and lime juice make the ultimate boozy raspberry limeade.
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chocolate raspberry martini fb

Chocolate Raspberry Martini

Berries and chocolate are a famous dessert duo, and this chocolate raspberry martini gives you dessert, alcohol, and coffee in one tasty martini glass. It is a creamy, decadent cocktail that bends raspberry vodka with creme de cacao and coffee liqueur. A dash of cream mellows the strength of the coffee while adding a rich texture.
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Rasperry Lemonade Sangria 11

Raspberry Lemonade Sangria

Just as raspberries are a summer fruit, sangria is a summer cocktail and the most popular boozy punch in Spain. This highly alcoholic pitcher is delicious, light, and refreshing. It is a white sangria, blending white wine with raspberry vodka and lemonade concentrate. Lemon slices and raspberries infuse the sangria with fresh fruit flavor while also providing a stunning presentation.
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cocobutter front web

Carribbean Sunset Martini

This pink-hued martini will definitely transport you to the Caribbean with its blend of coconut rum with raspberry vodka and lime juice. Cranberry juice delivers its coloring and added tartness. Two flavored spirits in one cocktail make for a highly alcoholic drink, even if the sweet fruity flavors ask the taste of alcohol.
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A Raspberry Vodka Cocktail in a trendy urban rooftop setting. The cocktail is a vibrant blend of raspberry-flavored vodka, lemon juice, and a splash of soda, served in a stylish glass with ice. It has a vivid pink color, garnished with fresh raspberries and a lemon twist. The background features a chic urban rooftop bar with modern furniture, string lights, and a panoramic view of the city skyline, creating a sophisticated and lively atmosphere that complements the fresh and fruity character of the Raspberry Vodka Cocktail.

16 Raspberry Vodka Cocktail Recipes

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16 Must-Try Raspberry Vodka Cocktails
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