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17 Amaretto Cocktails That Are Stirring Up the Bar Scene

I’ve been mixing Amaretto cocktails for years, loving their sweet almond flavor that adds a unique twist to drinks. It’s perfect for those who appreciate a dessert-like sip without too much punch. These recipes range from the easy-going Amaretto Sour to the intricate French Connection, showcasing Amaretto’s versatility. I find these cocktails ideal for any occasion, whether it’s a lively party or a quiet evening. They’re simple to whip up and customizable, making them a hit with everyone. I highly recommend checking out this roundup for some tasty Amaretto mixes.

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Amaretto Sour Drink
A “sour” is a variety of cocktail which combines liquor with citrus and sugar. There are many cocktails in the sour family, like Whiskey Sour, but the Amaretto Sour stands out due to the subtle almond flavor from the liqueur. This Amaretto Sour recipe combines amaretto, simple syrup, and lemon juice with a cherry garnish.
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Scotch Godfather Cocktail with Amaretto
The Godfather cocktail is an example of a “duo,” a mixed drink that mixes one part liqueur with one part liquor. In this case, the recipe mixes amaretto with scotch. As the name might suggest, The Godfather is a drink inspired by the famous mob movie as well as a supposed favorite drink of Marlon Brando.
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Alabama Slammer
The Alabama Slammer is one of the most famous southern cocktails, alongside stars like the Mint Julep and the Hurricane. This fruity concoction was likely invented at the University of Alabama but is a college favorite nationwide. This Alabama Slammer recipe combines amaretto with Southern Comfort whiskey, Sloe Gin, and orange juice.
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just finished crafting a toasted almond espresso martini
Whether you’re looking for the perfect dessert cocktail or a delicious holiday drink, the Toasted Almond Drink is the drink for you. This creamy drink combines nutty amaretto with sweet coffee liqueur and cream. You'll be delighted with this tasty combo if you have a penchant for hazelnut coffee.
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Boozy Refreshing French Connection Cocktail with Cognac
The French Connection is one of the simplest cocktails on our list. The recipe has only two ingredients: amaretto and cognac. However, the almond notes of the amaretto mixed with the spicy citrus notes of the cognac create an incredible drink. The cocktail’s name comes from the famous 1971 action film, The French Connection.
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almond old fashioned
The Old Fashioned is one of the most well-known cocktails in the world, and the Almond Old Fashioned puts a slight twist on this old classic. A traditional Old Fashioned consists of whiskey, sugar, and bitters. This recipe adds amaretto and uses brown sugar and bourbon for a warm, caramel-scented drink.
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anmaretto cocktail 4
The combination of bourbon, an American corn-based whiskey, and amaretto, a sweet Italian liqueur, creates a smooth and delicious drink with this Bourbon Amaretto Cocktail. The taste of smoke, vanilla, and wood in the bourbon perfectly complements the nutty flavor of the amaretto. Containing bourbon, amaretto, maraschino cherry juice, and Sprite, this cocktail is as easy as pouring.
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amaretto french 75 0003 2
The Amaretto Sour and French 75 are two vintage cocktails popular worldwide. This fantastic (and simple) recipe combines the two drinks for a truly unique cocktail that is great for parties. The cocktail combines amaretto, gin, sparkling white wine, and lemon juice for a crisp and refreshing drink.
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The “White Russian” is a famous cocktail invented in the 1960s and later popularized by the 1998 film The Big Lebowski. The cocktail combines vodka, coffee liqueur, and cream for a delicious caffeinated cocktail. This Soiree Amaretto Russian recipe is similar but adds a bit of amaretto for an amazing almond flavor.
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amaretto sidecar top
A “Sidecar” is a basic cocktail that combines orange liqueur, cognac, and lemon juice. The vintage cocktail was likely invented in the 1920s and is famously associated with the flapper era. Instead of cognac, this Amaretto Sidecar Cocktail uses amaretto for a fuller, nuttier flavor.
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tumblr pdbv1h22LA1wdr2ido1 1280
Cranberries and amaretto go together like peanut butter and jelly. This recipe for a Cran-Amaretto Kiss creates an elegant cocktail bursting with flavor. Anyone can make this drink because it’s as easy as combining amaretto, vodka, cranberry juice, and orange juice. No simple syrup is necessary, as the orange juice provides that sweet flavor.
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IMG 3144
When you think of a margarita, your mind immediately goes to tequila. However, this Fresh Cherry Amaretto Margarita recipe proves that herbal liqueurs like amaretto work just as well, if not better, in a tasty margarita. Fresh cherries create the margarita base, and a little bit of maraschino cherry liqueur helps solidify that tasty cherry flavor.
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FB Black Cherry Amaretto Sour Photo
If you order an Amaretto Sour in a bar, you’ll likely find a bright red maraschino cherry garnishing the cocktail. This Black Cherry Amaretto Sour cocktail recipe has a more natural flavor than the candy-colored maraschino cherry, and the tart black cherry flavor works well with the amaretto.
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cropped stirandstrain coupe.jpgfit5122c512ssl1
Although the traditional and classic Amaretto Sour inspires this cocktail, the taste is modern and fresh. Fresh ginger is the key to this cocktail as the other ingredients are standard to a vintage Amaretto Sour (including egg white for creaminess). The fresh ginger adds a bite and complexity to the nutty flavor of amaretto that you’re sure to love.
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blood orange amaretto cocktails 10
This Blood Orange Amaretto cocktail is a play on the classic Amaretto Sour. The blood orange flavor and the addition of vodka help create a boldly fruity drink that’s perfect in hot or cold weather. Add a touch of sparkling water to blend the flavor of the tart blood orange with some nice fizzy bubbles.
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Cranberry Amaretto Cocktail
This Cranberry Amaretto Cocktail with Amaretto Sugared Cranberries is the perfect holiday drink to entertain and impress guests. The cranberry and almond flavors combine to create a signature holiday flavor that will make you want to roast some chestnuts over an open fire. Making the amaretto sugared cranberries takes extra effort, but it’s absolutely worth it.
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Amaretto Coffee Social Media
The light and subtly fruity flavor of amaretto shine in this alcoholic coffee drink. A twinge of citrus can help brighten and warm coffee, so the amaretto pairs well with a standard brew or a sharp espresso. The whipped cream is optional here, but we recommend it to add some creaminess to the coffee.
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amaretto sour cocktail

17 Amaretto Cocktail Recipes

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17 Amaretto Cocktails That Are Stirring Up the Bar Scene
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